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Can you provide, in a snappy soundbite, a solution for a major crisis?

Asked by rebbel (35115points) October 24th, 2011

We all know them, the street interviews with the ordinary men, made by the reporters of the news channels, which then are cut into a fast soundbite for when the show airs.
For me, nine out of ten times they don’t add much to the report about the news item.
Probably because nine out of ten persons don’t have the specialized knowledge about a certain subject?
Or they get overcome by nerves?
Whichever, seldom I hear a brilliant solution to a big crisis.
My question: If I would be standing in front of you with a microphone and ask you how to solve the global financial crisis, can you come up with a solution, packed in one sentence?
Or how can we solve terrorism?
Or give your solution again, in one soundbite to a problem that you deem urgent.

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No. The whole problem with contemporary discourse is that it favors the sound bite over the reasoned response. If asked for a snappy solution, I’d ask why anyone thought complex problems could be fixed with anything other than complex thought.

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Put all the bankers in an old tramp steamer, run it out to the middle of the Atlantic, and sink it in the Lorinthian Abyssal. : D

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Nothing immediately comes to mind myself.
But phaedryx should totally do a sound bite based off of his question.

Isn’t the convention of using the @ thing weird when you’re not actually addressing the person?
Thought their name should be highlighted somehow though…

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@SavoirFaire Is absolutely right. There are no sound bite solutions. The worlds problems are complex and the world is complex. No easy answers.

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“A Saint Andrews cross in every dungeon! And two naked slave girls in every cage!”

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Of course I could, but I’m not giving it away here!

What I really don’t understand is why everyone can’t solve the world’s problems in a sentence. I mean, it’s just too easy for words.

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How to solve terrorism? Sell them weapons via another group and then set the weapons to explode. Soon terrorist everywhere will hesitate buying anything from anyone. This may not stop them but it will slow them down and they will blame the arms dealer that sold it to them and get rid of them for us as well.
I’m sure they can make the explosives pretty undetectable if they wanted to.
As for the worlds financial crisis they can wire me 100 million dollars to an account in the Cayman islands and I will give them the solution.

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“Do not stop! The zombies will want to eat!”

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