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Best way to add a DVD clip to PowerPoint using a Mac?

Asked by lukiarobecheck (1526points) October 24th, 2011

I have never done this before and I am looking to see if any of you have. I know of some DVD ripping softwares out there but wanted to see what you all thought was the best. Handbrake possibly? I am trying to do it for free if possible. Also once I get the DVD on my computer could I still use Handbrake to edit out the 2 minute clip I want to use? Or would I be able to do that with iMovie? Mainly just looking for recommendations on software to use. Thanks all for the help.

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For a small project, Handbrake should work for you. If you have access to a PC, my choice would be Format Factory.

Output the movie to MPEG-4 format and use iMovie to cut and save the clip you need.

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@njnyjobs Thanks a bunch! Sounds as simple as I was thinking but just wanted to make sure.

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You can embed MOV files in keynote, why use powerpoint?

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Thanks all. I got it taken care of.

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