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The Road to Revolution (British actions and colonial reactions)?

Asked by comicalmayhem (809points) October 24th, 2011

It’s a 5 paragraph essay and I have a terrible teacher, so I have no idea what to write. What are three main ideas I could use as the body paragraphs?

I. Intro
II. Body Paragraph 1
III. Body Paragraph 2
IV. Body Paragraph 3
V. Conclusion

I’ll probably know nothing about them (I pay attention in class, my teacher doesn’t teach. Everyone’s failing.) But I can research the three main ideas to construct a decent paragraph.

Note: I’m not asking you to write the essay for me, I’m only asking for three main ideas to set up my essay.

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Should I select like a few Acts? If so, which ones?

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@blueiiznh Thank you. The first and third links will help a lot.

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There is so much material on this; it will nt be hard to write with only a minimal amount of research. Go to the library for Chrissakes.

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I encourage my students to write do one of two things
1. Write a rough thesis statement, then the body of the essay first—skip the introduction. This helps the writer focus on the meat and weight of their essay. The body, of course, needs to be organized with the main concepts grouped together and, generally, the details and information are easier to write and organize than the introduction. After the body is written, write the introduction. The main ideas of the body plus a ‘lead-in’ helps develop the introduction.
2. Write a rough thesis statement and introduction but don’t let the introduction limit the essay. Many writers will write a weak introduction then try to make the rest of the essay fit in—it is very limiting and weakens a paper! Think of the introduction as a loose, loose frame for your essay, and after you’ve done the rest of the essay, go back, clean up and tighten the introduction.

It’s a little bit hard to explain this without my cache of examples, but hope that helps somewhat.

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