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What would you put in Google search to get the itunes question you asked in fluther long ago?

Asked by flo (10599points) October 24th, 2011

Take any one of your old Qs take the key word, (it doesn’t have to do with “itunes”)
Here is what I got:
The 4th Google result gives me my itune related question but it is from today. How do I make it give me both my itune questions from fluther? And how do I make it the 1st result?

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try this @flo, @flo iTunes

but don’t click on the link in this comment, enter those search terms in google. I don’t know how to to put it in this comment so it doesn’t show up as a link here.

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I don’t believe that you can possibly exert that much control over how Google responds to your search terms. There is an Advanced Search page, which allows you to tell it which domain to restrict itself to (so that you receive only Fluther results), but you can’t tell it to return only questions you’ve asked or only answers you’ve given – because it doesn’t know it’s supposed to differentiate between the two, and there’s no way for you to teach it how. You can’t even tell it to ignore other jellies’ use of the word “flo” in some other context.

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Couldn’t you just use the Fluther search instead of Google?

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How’s this:

fluther itunes flo 2010

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This is feeling kinda Meta.

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Would it not be simpler and possibly quicker to go through your questions as listed on your profile page and do a quick “Ctrl + F” page search with the phrase “iTunes”?

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@lillycoyote I tried it no result.
@dappled_leaves you may be right about “meta” I may get a notice.
@WestRiverrat I tried.
@CWOTUS that didn’t work either, and I wanted not just 2010s (
@Fly I tried that but absolutely nothing happens when I do that.

jrpowell's avatar “Asked by flo” “Observing members” itunes

It only shows two results. Maybe the older question was deleted or you never actually asked it.

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You have a low lurve count for being here since 2010. Did you ask the question under a different profile or user name?

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I tried the Google search as well as the “Ctrl + F” search, and I got the same results as @johnpowell. It seems to me that either the question did not specifically reference iTunes, or you never asked the question in the first place (at least not on this account).

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@flo, it should work. What did you type into the google search?

Copy and paste into the google search what is inside the quotation marks here:

“ @flo iTunes”

This question itself should be the first hit and your iTunes question from earlier today should be the third hit.

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O.K. @flo, visual aids

this is what that search should look like on Google

Is that what you’re trying to do?

Edit: So sorry flo! I finally actually read your question! I am thinking-impaired tonight. You’re looking for an older question. Duh! Use the same search string but do you have an additional keyword to help you find the question? To narrow it down? You’ve asked a number of question about iTunes. .

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Sometimes you need more than one keyword. Do you remember anything else that was in the original question?

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Is it this one? >>>

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@johnpowell @WestRiverrat @Fly @rebbel @lillycoyote @dappled_leaves @augustlanThanks all.

So, what I was hoping/expecting was one (1st one) google result, that includes my (3?) or so questions with the word “itunes” in it. —I noticed not all of them have the word “itunes” in them. But the thing is anything I tried (you suggested, gives me one question per result.
@Fly once I got my list of questions in my Futher profile, I entered “itunes” in the search I presss/hold “Ctrl” and press F. Nothing happened again.

@augustlan I wanted to refer to each of my itunes related OPs, and see if I could update them, so it is not one question I was thinking of.
@WestRiverrat I have been told by different people “use Google search it is easier…” that is why I went to Google.
And you may be right about the low lurve count but I like answers more than lurves but I know it is here and I didn’t have another username.
Also I have been meaning to ask, I never see “see all” in Fluther search under the list of possible questions (I see 5 results for “itunes”) but at the bottom I never see See all for the rest of them.

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This is the best that I could come up with-
iTunes “Asked by flo” -“Fluther: Browse” -topics
(don’t click on the link)

It only gives two results. One result is this question, the other is one you asked yesterday. Are you sure that it was about iTunes, not something related such as iPod or iPhone?

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If “iTunes” is not in the actual question(s), I don’t think there’s any way you’re going to find them all together like you’re hoping to. Is there any word common to all three questions you’re looking for?

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@lillycoyote you give such fabulous answers, no problem re. “Edit: So sorry flo! I finally actually read your question! I am thinking-impaired tonight”
@PhiNotPi no not iphone or ipad. But your suggestion seems to include my OPs unrelated to music as well. I think it is all my questions. I tried replacing “topics” with “itunes”, not better. this is it.

@augustlan no I don’t think there is a common word, but I could be wrong.
Please ignore my “see all” thing. embarrased

I got all the 4000 ish itunes questions, here , but now what?

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@flo Why don’t you tell us which question you’re looking for, and perhaps one of us can think of the right combination of keywords?

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“I got all the 4000 ish itunes questions, here , but now what?”
What I did with those 4000 yesterday was click page after page and on every page I clicked CTRL + F followed by flo and then watched if your name showed up.
If it did I scrolled down to see whether it was an iTunes question by you.
I found the one that I directed you to above, in this thread.

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@dappled_leaves I am going to come up with a different example.

@rebbel I just followed your instruction I clicked CTRL + F followed by flo and the 2 “flo“s (above logout and under my avatar) got a yellow baclkground. here
And the second time. this

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@rebbel I guess it should be a screenshot I should post.

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@flo I’m confused… Why are you asking this question if you’re not looking for a specific question from the past that you have asked? That seems to be what most of us are trying to help you to do.

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@dappled_leaves all my questions about any given topic,not just one of them. Just like all 4000 of the itunes questions are isolated from the rest. I will get back tomorrow.

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So, anyway, just like it isolated the 4000 ’‘itunes’’ questions from the all the questions on Fluther, I just want it to go one step further and isolate flo’s 3 or so questions with the word ‘itunes’’ in it from the 4000.

@dappled_leaves Why are you asking this question if you’re not looking for a specific question from the past that you have asked?
One of the reasons is to find out which of the questions is the one that contains the info I need, and the other is to add a post to all 3.

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