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Finding someone at school? spy vs spy game?

Asked by marmoy (65points) October 24th, 2011

So right now I’m playing a game called gotcha, some people call it spy vs spy. And I need advice on how to find my target. I’m from University of British Columbia by the way.

The point of the game is to hunt down your target and shoot them with water, without getting hunted down yourself. Each player is given the name, faculty, year, and a mug shot of their target.

Unfortunately my target is a 2nd year Arts student. The range of different classes he takes could be anything. I have no friends who know him or even heard of him. His Facebook wall is kept confidential and he doesn’t add random people to friends.

He purposely made himself invisible for this game.
Any tips on finding an invisible man? Anything I may have overlooked?

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Do you have any hard copy directories? Call information for a landline and address? Wander through the Arts Dept. looking for posted class lists?

I’ve never played this. Does he know what you look like?

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Do you know a potential username for him? And then you could check on Twitter and other sites for more info.

Also, you could create some “WANTED!” flyers with his photo asking people if they know this guy, and your contact info (maybe set up a new phone number via Google or something so he can’t trace it back to you), and then post them around campus.

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Damn, that sounds fun. Maybe ask around the staff, make up an excuse for needing to talk to him.

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Might be off-topic, but when you say you’re given the name, year, photo, and faculty of this kid, what is “faculty” in this sense? Is this a Canadian English vs American English thing?

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@Aethelflaed I think the usage is the same in US and Canada for “faculty” in this context. Examples would be “Faculty of Arts” or “Faculty of Science” – a broad division within the university, within which there are several related departments.

Edit: And we also use the word “faculty” to describe professors of various kinds, just as in American universities.

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@Aethelflaed I’m guessing but I think he means course of study which in this case can be any of the arts.
@marmoy Stop by the admissions office and show them a watch. Tell them that someone had left the watch behind but you do not personally know this person but you know his name and wish to return it. However, you would like to ask him yourself in case you were given the wrong name as to whom it belonged too. Ask for a phone number and then do a reverse phone number info check on the computer.

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I presume he in turn is hunting someone else and does not know who is hunting him. Correct? I played something like this once at a weekend gathering. It was fun. Someone sat all the way through a presentation I gave just in order to shoot me at the end. But my target went home early and nobody told me, so I never found him.

How large is the student body, and how large is the Arts department? And what department are you in?

Have you checked to see what the standard curriculum is for second years in his division? and what are required courses?

Is there an Arts library? how about studios? I’d consider making friends with a girl in the art department.

I’d also be asking around to see what have been successful strategies in past games.

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It’s unlikely that a 2nd year Arts student would have completed all of the required courses, so I’d still search among English, Math and History.

Alternatively, depending on how ‘hard’ you want to play this game, you could go to Health Services and claim that you need to contact him because you think you may have given him (or he may have given you) an STD. Or you could call the Registrar’s office and claim to be a family member (not a close one) calling to tell him that his Great Uncle Ned died and remembered him in his will. (Not that I recommend any of this, but… I guess I watched too much Rockford Files when I was younger.)

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I’d go with Jeruba’s suggestion.
Studios are the way to go.

Students’ names are all over their studios.
Work space, drawers, work, materials, etc….
And it shouldn’t be too hard to access them after hours.

I’d go early in the morning and not late at night.
Most art students I know aren’t morning people.
Lots of night owls though.

Keep us updated! I’m totally curious how this will play out…

PS What are you doing to prevent them from finding you?

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I would not suggest going to any school office with a story that might compromise the student in some way, such as attaching a health problem to him or affecting his personal record. If you can accomplish this without lying to anyone, give yourself bonus points.

But these suggestions do also propose some things you’ll want to be watching out for as prey.

Are there any game rules about what’s off limits? for example, involving faculty or staff in any way or damaging a student’s reputation?

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Pretend to be a P.I. hired to track down this guy to give him a substantial inheritance from a previously unknown relative. Use this cover to speak to staff members.

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@gorillapaws In todays age nobody is going to fall for that.

“Hi stranger, I want to talk to you about the chance of inheriting thousands of dollars…”

—-spam sammich, anyone?—

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@XOIIO more like to the secretary of the Art Department: “I want to talk to XXXX because I’ve been hired by some lawyers in NY at (insert big name law firm name here) to speak with him in person about an inheritance. Could you give me a phone number that he can be contacted at?”

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