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Have you ever performed karoake in public and/or private with a favorite song choice?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) October 25th, 2011

Have you performed karoake in public before? Or are you the type that would rather do that in private?

If yes, do you have a favorite song that you would like to karoake to often?

Or are you, perhaps, the type that has either not tried karoake at all and don’t care or that you’ve been secretly interested in doing it for the first time (like myself, yep) for the thrill of it and/or to make contest money doing it?

Let others know how your interested…or not. Please be as specific as you can and enjoy yourself with this one.

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I finally did it, but it was only in front of a few people at a bar, and most were my friends. I was pretty wasted and finally got the courage. I sang Tomorrow by Silverchair.

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I still haven’t gotten a chance!!

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I do it all the time. It’s great fun. Last time I was with my buddy on stage singing Adele’s someone like you which could have been misconstrued but hell .. we were drunk… who cares.

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Several times. The last time was “Born to Run” about two months ago, with an old female friend. Before that, maybe Creedance Clearwater Revival, “Travellin’ Band”, by myself on a cross country trip the month before in a strange dive.

I hate public speaking, and I am an awful singer. I just sincerely believe, when you stop dancing and singing out loud, you start getting old.

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Yep, I sang “When I’m 64” to my wife while on a cruise (which happens to be the song we danced our first dance to at our wedding)

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It was just in front of my family.

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I did it a few times with my middle aged male coworkers in Japan. I did not care for it but, when in Rome…
It was more like a test to see how I would fit in. I had been working there about 6 months when a coworker dropped a tape on my desk and said in Japanese: “Here. Study this.” It was this song. I listened to it over and over every day as I drove to work. About a month later we were all out in a bar and that song suddenly came up on the machine. I had just enough time to get on stage and started singing. They went wild! A guy jumped on stage about one minute later so I could do the romantic soliloquy to the lover (at about 1:25) .
It was absolutely a test – and I passed.

I secretly learned another song and sprung it on them about 6 months after that when I was well established. It was this song. Chibi Marukochan theme It is usually sung by 8 to 10 year old kids, girls. (The age of my kids at the time) No middle aged Japanese male would have the balls to sing it in public. It’s just not macho enough. .But I pulled it off very well. After that song I had all sorts of street cred. The testing was done. They knew I could do anything.

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Not on your life. It would take a hefty sum to get me to sing karaoke in front of anyone.

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The last time I did karaoke was when I was about 11 years old and I sang Crazy For ou by Madonna! I was in Greece at the time.

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Never karaoked. In college my fraternity had a lot of songs we would sing at parties and just for the heck of it. Big Red Wheel sticks in my mind still.

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I hear the reasoning but, much like the singing, it falls on deaf ears.

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I embarrassed myself one time in my life in Jamaica. The prize was a bottle of 150 proof Jamaican rum, if I would sing a song by the Temptations.

I made it through the song with lots of boos, but I came home with that bottle of rum.

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I often do karaoke. My best performance to date was with “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” by U2. One of my favourite bands, and Bono’s voice is pitched about the same as mine.

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Crap! I misspelled ‘karaoke’. Yet another word gone astray. When am I ever going to stop being in a hurry when I post a question or a comment? I don’t know, maybe whenever I it takes the neurons to spark up in my brain and wake up in the morning. At least I’m well-intentioned here. Does that count?


I have not ever attempted karaoke, but always wanted to do that. And to this day I still think I need to practice for something that seems to not require practice by many. But if I did, probably one of first song choices that comes to mind would be Christopher Cross’ Every Turn Of The World. While not being too sensational and out-dated, ‘World’ may just be wryte for me and I like it and Cross has a lot of great hits. Other than him, maybe choices from Billy Joel, or Len Barry’s classic oldie 1–2-3.

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I sing in the shower and to my kids, never in public or when someone else is around. What I sing depends on my mostly on my mood. I’ll get a song stuck in my head and will sing the chorus over and over.Usually older songs.(50’s, 60’s, 70’s…)
I always rocked and sang my kids to sleep when they were young and will still sing to them sometimes now, but mostly I like to sing just the first line of a song because my youngest will usually pick up the next line. I’ll be in the kitchen, he in the living room, and we will take turns singing a song. Corny, but fun it’s so fun to hear him chime in : )

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@Mantralantis go with your most outgoing friends and do something that people can sing together the first few times.

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I’m the best drunk singer I know. That couldn’t care less, where the fuck am I approach has served me well on more than a few occasions. Don’t really follow the lyrics either, more of a random freestyle rambling mess, but I get by.

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I performed privately with some friends a few years back, it was fun but I can’t see myself ever doing it in public. My favorite song to perform was “Any Way You Want It” by Journey (not to be too cliche).

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My last night in Dublin, my roommates and I went ‘round the corner to our favorite pub. It just so happened to be karaoke night. I’m a natural performer – I sing with an a’capella group, as well as in the shower every morning – and since we were there to get wasted, I ended up getting up and doing In my Life and Yellow Submarine by The Beatles, and Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison.

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Not yet, I sing terribly but it looks like such fun. With friends. Drunk friends.

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I did it in a karaoke bar some years ago. I had a few in me, but that’s not really what did it. I’m shy and reserved, but for some reason I really wanted to try. My song was put in queue, and I was totally nervous while waiting, hoping they’d fuck up and not name me up there. XD
But they did, I had a lot of fun, and actually got the crowd moving a bit, since my song wasn’t the usual type that people were picking in there. Everyone was picking rock songs and such…I picked Dragula by Rob Zombie lol. I don’t have a metal voice, but it seems to have worked out lmao, and I was shaking my hair everywhere. It also helped that I already knew three quarters of the lyrics by heart, and only looked at the screen a few times. So did being with a group of friends who encouraged me to sing in the first place. Never would done that if I was on my own in there haha.

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