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Do you have a group of friends that you truly love?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) October 25th, 2011

After watching the first Sex and the City movie again last night, I can’t help but wish to have a small circle of fun, supportive and devoted friends much like that of the Sex and the City characters. I also wondered if in real life, one could develop such deep bonding which suffers and gets tested through volatile and painful ups and downs, yet somehow survives and remains intact through the years.

Do you have such great relationships with a small group of friends? Ones who would show up when you need them most, drop what they were doing just to be there with you and commiserate or celebrate? And friends to whom you would reciprocate, loving them unconditionally? How did it start and what did you have to do to keep it together?

How can you find and develop this kind of profound friendship later in life? Do you think you have to live close together in order to nurture such a sincerely warm and utterly special relationship?

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I think so… But I don’t live by them anymore.

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In my second rock and roll band I had in the early 60s, the band members had this type of relationship. We were very close and did just about everything together. We did not “love” each other in the true sense of the word, but we were best friends while playing in concerts or in our social life. My two sax players were Afro American and that made absolutely no difference to us. We would have Sunday dinner at their house and at mine. We were all true-blue friends. Most of those friends and fellow musicians are gone now and they are missed. We did not do drugs, but we did drink our fair share of beer. Good memories.

That type of friendship is hard to find and to keep.

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You take vows similar to marriage ones.

In good times and bad, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, be the go-to number on a friend’s driver’s license.

Then you forget all the verbiage and simply act. I am, for example, picking up a friend at the hosptal on Friday after her hand surgery on Thurs. I’ll drive her home, get her settled, bring some one-handed food and leave when she needs to rest. However, I will be on call if she wants me to come back.

She has done and will do the same for me. This is the bad time.

The good times include sharing activities we love, breaking bread, exchanging garden plants, and attending functions range from really fun to boring (depending on whose opinion you ask for.)

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yes, I do.
I don’t think you need to live close by to maintain that friendship either, it’s sort of unspoken and every encounter just picks right upwhere the last one left off.

I have a best friend in Boston, and one in New York ( soon to be Texas) and I talk to both of them on a reguar basis. The one in Boston I talk to every day. These two take me flaws and all. If I was in a place where I absolutely needed them to come up to where I am, they would, by any means possible. I am one hundred percent positive of that.

I also have another really good friend in Boston, one in CT, one in Chicago, and one in Ohio.

I really am greatful for the friends I have a really strong relationship with.

That being said it’s not a “group” friendship like that of Sex & the City, but close enough for me. .

I think you can develop these friendships later in life in many ways,joina group or club of something you like to do, get out in the community and attend events, volunteer time, talk to people you work with. Start making friends the old fashioned way- and things begin there.

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I thought I had 2 close friends in the past but both dropped out when I needed their support. I think I was more an acquaintanceship to them so I think I don’t have any close friends at the moment sadly, but I wish I could have a small group of close friends to really support each other and truly care about each other…

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I have close friendships like that, but not the group like they do. My closest friends come from different parts of my life and don’t have much in common with each other. It would be nice to have a close group like that, but I really value the friendships.

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2nd Answer…..our common bond was our music. I was only 16, but the other musicians were older than me. I started out at 13 as a drummer.

We had everything in common. Even girlfriends we double-dated, when not playing.

Those type of friends are hard to find.

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Not really unfortunately.

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I love all my friends but I wouldn’t want a close circle of friends with whom to “share” every aspect of my life.

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Yes, I do. We’ve all been friends for… probably the majority of our lives at this point. I don’t know how it happens, exactly, it’s difficult for me to imagine how it doesn’t happen. It just seems so natural, but maybe that’s the trick. Finding people that you naturally bond with in such a way. Plus, my friends are good friends, and I like to believe that I am also a good friend, so I think that helps.

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Yes. It started 25+ years ago and has added a few people along the way. These are the people I like to travel to gather with, vacation with, have to my home on holidays and just be present with. These are the people I call my family.

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No. I have a few friends here and there but my old circle of friends eventually started mooching off of me.

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Yes. But it is semi-terrifying when we get together. We do dumb things like jump off my friend’s roof into her pool. We dare each other to do even dumber things like run around the outlet mall screaming the shaving cream song. We play war at night in the woods with nerf guns and homemade slingshots.
And we’ll probably be together for a while because we’re nerds so all the drama that happens out side of our little social group doesn’t affect us. The most dramatic and life changing thing that ever happened to us was when I got a suspension and everyone thought I would become a bad girl.
But I’m still a nerd.

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I have such a circle.. friends I would die for. Then again, we almost did one time so…. that’s probably the root of the bond.

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Yes. Of course. I have a friend like that, but it’s getting to a ridiculous point and I can’t support her emotionally anymore because I just don’t have the resources.

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I do have a small circle of friends. But I have one friend in particular who I’m pretty positive I can say that I really love her.

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Yes I do.
A core group of 10 college friends (and now their familes). Some live thousands of miles in other countries, many are withing a few hours drive.
Most get together monthly for some “made up” occassion or a theme dinner.
All get together in mid December no matter where we are in the world.
We have all seen each other through many many things. Simple awesome to have this.

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Yes. It’s mostly made up of some of my band friends, but there’s also my best friend who just so happens to be friends with some of my band friends too.

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Yes, although we are not a group, I love these people, some of whom do not know each other, one friendship has been alive for 32 years, all but one friendship is with women but I am probably most intimate with the man, plutonic intimacy, to be specific.

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