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How do you spell the raspberry sound?

Asked by Tilulujo (38points) October 25th, 2011

When you stick your tongue out between your teeth and blow as in: “And that’s the truth!” – raspberry

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Some variation of pffttttt?
Weird. My iPhone wanted to auto-correct that to occurred.

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Traditionally it is spelled : pbbbbt The number of b’s to change the length. Sometimes an additional t is placed at the end.

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Th-th-th-th-br-br- br-br- T!

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I spell it plllllllp. :p Or PLLLLLP for increased volume.

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I say “pffft.”

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Like @wildpotato said ; ) Thbbbt!
(according to Bill the Cat)

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I joined today and asked my first question. The responses where fast and helpful. I actually chose a combination and would like to thank everyone and show you what I came up with. I don’t see a reply box, so here I am in the answer box. I hope that this is OK and not against the rules.

That said, I thank all of you for your contribution. As often a I ‘did’ it, I never uncovered the B’s, and I realized that I start with a P. This is my version. PthhhbbBBBBbbthb

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As a fan of the Bill the Cat from the Bloom County comic strip, I spell it as: Thbbft!

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I read at first you wanted the Raspberry Song


in french it is pbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpb

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@blueiiznh haha, it’s much sexier in french, imo ; )

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What a strange coincidence… this is my wallpaper for my iPod. Berkeley Breathed’s, Opus the penguin giving himself a ‘belly phart’. Enjoy. :)

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I love this question. I used to wonder this all the time. :D

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There aren’t any letters for the sound of placing ones tongue between their teeth and blowing. Just like there is no letter for whistling. At least not in English.

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