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Who are some Good role models for people and children in society today?

Asked by raven860 (2163points) October 25th, 2011

Who are some good Role Models who are setting a good example for others.
It could be a historical figure, a celebrity or an unknown person the media has its eye on or someone in your personal lives.

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Well, for starters, I guess all mature people are role models, in a way.. And um, my mom is definitely one of them..
As for celebrities, I guess the ones who donate alot of money for good causes, and don’t do the typical fame BS; drugs, binge drinking .. etc. /:

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I remember the days I use to stop in the projects and open the trunk to my police car. Inside, I had toys and bottles of water to give to the children, who had no father present, for their leadership. No, I did not have to do this, but the looks on the childrens faces made it all worth the effort. The hugs I received around my legs and the hugs from their mothers just made my day, no matter how bad it had been.

I would go to the projects to hopefully set a good example for the children to remember the police by and not just me.

I have always believed that role models are made and not born.

Since I have retired, I miss those smiling little faces and some with missing teeth.

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I’m not one to look to people I don’t know as role models. If anything, certain behaviors are things worth talking about with kids. Donating large amounts of money and/or time to charity, fighting for civil rights, protecting the environment, creating beautiful art, and other activities are things that I may discuss with my children. The people are not as important as the acts themselves – because I know that they are just as capable of inspiring others by their actions some day.

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Rush Limbaugh.

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All the “nobodies” of the world who are trying to live authentic, decent, honest, true lives
All compassionate, empathetic people
All professionals who see their career as a vocation
All the people who genuinely listen to others
All the win/win peace makers
All who share their bread with the hungry
All people who won’t quit no matter the odds stacked against them
All those who have the pioneer spirit to rebuild whatever has been devastated
All those who realize no one will never care how much they know, until others know how much they care
All those who have the love and courage to sit with the dying
All people who take responsibilty for their life and choices
All seekers of truth!

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Richard Dawkins.

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Hayden Pannetierre.

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Beat me to it. I was going to say Dawkins. =/

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^ There’s enough awesome in Dawkins for the two of us. ^_^

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I don’t really believe in picking other people’s role models for them, especially for children. Also I don’t think little kids have to look up to any celebrity. Unfair to the kids and to the celebrities, because then when the celebrity slips up and turns out to be surprise! human, everyone’s unhappy. The best role model for a kid would be someone they actually know.

I had my role models as a little kid, and I have some now I suppose, but even as a child I knew that they had flaws and that I wouldn’t agree with every single thing they did.

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