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What color hair do I have?

Asked by Sunshine1245_1190 (144points) October 25th, 2011

I get called a ginger all the time. I have pale skin and have tons of freckles, but I’m not sure if my hair is red or brown? Opinions?
It’s public now..

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“Private album”

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Sorry, my bad. I changed it. It’s public now

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I would call that dark blond, maybe dishwater blond.

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It looks to have a touch of red on this monitor, I’d call it a strawberry blonde.

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I would also call it strawberry blonde.

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I never can see red hair right on monitors, but you look either a dark blonde or maybe a strawberry blonde. For those who call you ginger, remember to tell them that only a ginger can call another ginger, ginger.

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Strawberry blonde or dirty blonde

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Earth tones, people! Browns and beige! And mother of pearl!
And light browns and dark browns and browns and beige! It’s probably earth tones, ‘cause you live on a planet.

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It looks like strawberry blonde to me.

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The hint of red is why they call you a ginger. :-)

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It’s pretty, that’s what.

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I would call it dirty blonde.

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I would call it ash blonde (which is I think the same as dirty/dishwasher blonde, but without making it be a bad name), I’m not actually seeing any red (but maybe that’s my monitor or something?)

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did anyone else get excited when @rebbel said “private album?”

Anyway, dirty blonde.

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Your hair is this color—> #8d867e

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I’d call it dirty blonde.

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That happens to me all the time, my hair is auburn-ish, I think. Your hair is strawberry blonde to me.

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I think it’s ginger (fresh, not powdered.) It’s not red enough to be strawberry blond and dirty blond, to me, is insulting. What color do you want it to be? Anything is possible these days. Just don’t go green or blue.

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Another vote for ‘strawberry blonde’. Own it, girl! From one red-head to another.

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@augustlan , My daughter says that you redheads have a secret nod. you always acknowlwdge that you recognize each other on the street. Of course, she is now hard to miss since she married a redhead and they have 4 red head babies 5 years old and under.

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Its dirty blonde hair. I know it can be so confusing with half a dozen blonde shades out there!

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