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Do you believe changes should be made to the laws governing copyrights and intellectual property? If so, what changes and why?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) October 25th, 2011

That’s about it, though I would really be interested in the why, if you think the copyright statutes in the U.S. or your own country, are in need of revision and reform.

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They should be more strict. All human beings really have to offer is their ideas.

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I think Creative Commons is a pretty good model for copyright.

It seems to me that copyright law (especially in the US) has just become a tool for corporations to confiscate the works of individual artists and impose censorship on just about anyone their whim moves them to. Though I applaud recent court decisions in the US to allow recording artists to regain ownership of their works from record labels and get long overdue royalties they’ve been earning but not paid.

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