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What are good ways of generating nonsense, absurdity and silliness?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) October 25th, 2011

I know there are some of you out there. So many seem to want to be mostly serious or if they desire fun, to have it in a serious way. Are there any jellies who appreciate absurdity, nonsense and silliness? I just love taking things from a serious starting point, and running off into the wilderness with it. Sometimes it annoys the hell out of people. What fun!

I’m curious about how to make it happen. How do you get people to allow themselves to be fools? Not care about how they sound? Just play?

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Of course. It balances the serious side out.
Most times the uber silly stuff starts when someone makes a gaff during a serious statement.
As long as the majority follow the path to silliness, it rolls downhill fast.
The most absurd ones have been on business trips after a long difficult day and you need to break away from it. Many of the people I seem to surround myself with have this dry silly wit side of them too.
There always seems to be one person that is naive enough to not get it and it perpetuates from there.

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Alcohol and weed.

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If you still want them sober, one way seems to be just laughing at something they say, even if it isn’t meant as a joke. Things seem to degrade from there for me.

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Say or do something really weird and unexpected. It throws people off their game and usually they end up blurting out something weird too. Or just be generally silly around people, a lot of times they’ll join you.

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Just be silly yourself and show that’s it’s ok to be that way. Most will follow your lead. Some will give you a weird look or leave thinking you’re nuts. but that’s ok. the ones who leave are no fun!

@laineybug jinx =)

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I love absurdity and nonsense. But I don’t know any tricks. I can be a pretty epic fool, but it comes naturally. I probably shouldn’t be proud, but I fuckin am.

Maybe some of it has to do with being able to find a loophole, or something hilarious in something that’s usually, generally, sacred. Perosnally, I love reactions that people have when you tell some really offending joke. But maybe I’m missing the point, and the fact may be, I’m just an incredible, heartless bitch.
But just go from something like that and have a seven minute party? I denno. I mean if you wanna generate something, despite that word’s definition, you need a source. It could be entirely anything though. My personal choices don’t establish the bar about it.

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I know what you mean, but it’s hard to make the transition, because get too serious.

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I like @laineybug‘s idea. Just bust into the cafeteria at school or work, and yell out in a huge booming voice; WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE GRAIL? :D


I never take myself or things too seriously, so even on sensitive and controversial topics (eg., abortion, religion, feminism, Wall Street protests, etc.) I like to poke fun of them every now and then, because like you said, people take things too seriously and need to appreciate the absurdity in things. What I usually see, however, are people with no sense of humor, who think that everything needs to be examined bit by bit and debated. “Omg,” I sarcastically think, “Life must be a delight living with these people.”

I think when people are too principled, too politically correct, trying to be moral watchdogs, they lose their sense of humor and become intellectually boring. Sure they may be smart and rational, but no matter how much I try to humor them with my unorthodox and seemingly illogical comments, they cannot break through their stubbornness and remain the dull, principled people that they are.

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Hi. I’m bob_. Nice to meet you.


@bob_ Nice to meet you too. lol-lol.

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Sup Bob. Make m a sandwich.

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Time to stay on line and banter back and forth.

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I’m a pretty serious person generally BUT when things have been too serious for too long I find ways to lighten the mood. I can find the funny side of nearly anything. Mocking absurdities is one of my specialties.

The only way I can lead people in that direction is by doing so by example. Sometimes they join me and sometimes they just laugh with me.

This is something that I love about my kids. We can take many things and turn them into silly-fests. My kids are finally old enough that they can really make me genuinely laugh too.

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I have no idea what you are talking about.

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@bob_ Nice to meat you! Mayo have a great evening and lettuce not forget it’s always fun to be cheesy. No kneed to be sour. D’oh! :P

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Bad @jonsblond now @wundayatta is very hungry! [heading for the Orange Tree]

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One good way of generating nonsense, absurdity and silliness is to post a question on Fluther.

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Just relax, shake off the shackles of inhibition & act daft. Piece of piss really.

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Kittens! Only (some) androids and those who are highly allergic won’t dissolve into baby-talking goo at the sight of a kitten.

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Shooting milk out your nose.

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I wink at them consiprationally.

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Extreme sleep deprivation, especially combined with a kind of morbid humour at the enormous task before you.

Sudden release from something that had been stressing you for a long time. Think after your final exam. After divorce papers signed and sent. After finding out you’ll be just fine financially when you thought you were in big trouble.

Don’t you just feel like doing a pirouette and singing “Laaaa!”

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@lifeflame I think you meant “precipitationally,” not “consiprationally.” Because, you know, when you wink, your eyes prespirate.

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I think I meant “conspiratorially”.

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The runs! :D

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When you think your friends are joking but your pants are brown and soaking: Diarrhea, diarrhea.

silly enough for ya @wundayatta? lol

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“It’s too idiotic to be schizophrenic.”
Carl Jung on Dadaism.

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@everephebe You been playing Alice the Madness Returns by any chance?

It’s a weapon in that game lol.

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Nope, just into art.^

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Get a Mogwai wet.

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