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What costume did you wear for your first Halloween?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) October 25th, 2011

I asked something similar back in 2009, before we had a social section. I didn’t have much of a turnout for that Q, so I’m hoping more of you will answer this time.

If you have a pic, please share!

I was a hobo (year- 1971)

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Charlie Brown. No picture available.

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There was a time we didn’t have a social section? I feel so new.
I believe I was a tiger, my first year.

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I was Little Red Riding Hood, but in Wisconsin it was really cold by October 31, so no one saw my costume when we went out to be in the Halloween parade. Even at age 5, it seemed a waste.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I bet that was cute! I love Charlie Brown.
@AshLeigh I feel so old. lol There was a time Fluther didn’t have sections and we had to ask for permission to ask questions like this.
@Sunny2 I hate it when it’s cold on Halloween. Coats ruin the costume. :/ I’m sure you were adorable, though.

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Whoo! I believe a clown in purple and white gingham. I still have the hat, but not the costume.

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@linguaphile I still have all the costumes my children have worn. I just can’t let go of them. It’s my favorite holiday. =)

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I’ll be a clown this year.

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The first costume I remember I was Lion-O from Thundercats when I was 5. I had a He-Man sword instead of the Thundercats sword though.

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My daughter’s first Halloween costume was Yoda. I made it, and it was as accurate as possible. She was so cute- a 10 pound Yoda. My son’s was a black and white spotted cow because our family friend asked if we could make him into her favorite animal. Poor kid.

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I believe I dressed as Speed Racer though I can’t be sure unless I corroborate that with someone else.

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I was a Hawaiian dancer and my brother was a pirate. This was circa 1966.

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I was a witch. Shocking since I was into witchcraft then.

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I think I was Raggedy Ann. I’m pretty sure I wore the dress right off of my Raggedy Ann doll. That’s the youngest picture I can think of, so I think it was my first. I’ll ask my mom.

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@jonsblond… O_O That’s crazy.

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My very first Halloween was way, way before I have any conscious memory. 67years ago my mother probably dresses my sister and I as princesses and my brother as a sailor, like our Dad.

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Mickey Mouse.

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@filmfann I’d love to see Butters in a Mickey costume.

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@filmfann haha. do they make roadkill costumes these days? ;) (much thanks for remembering. light a candle, would ya?)

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Mom said I was a pumpkin.

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I didn’t wear a costume, just relied on my dazzling charm & charismatic glow.
I was told to fuckoff quite a lot that night! Should have stuck to houses instead of factories.

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The first one I remember was… Kindergarten. Would have been… 1989. edit: wait, no, first grade. 1990.

I was a bride. I wanted to be the Bride of Frankenstein or a ghost bride or something, but my parents already had a parent/teacher conference to discuss how my morbidity was scaring the other students. Since the costume was for the school Halloween parade, I had to comply with teacher’s wishes and be something totally lame.

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I was Donald Duck…It was one of those old-school plastic masks with vinyl tie-on costumes. I have zero idea why I chose that over Minnie Mouse…but I was one & a half, so who can say why? And yes, I remember having to adjust the mask to see.

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My brother and sisters thought it’d be funny to dress me up as Santa.

The next year I was the Easter Bunny.

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my family made the angry bird costumes (4 angry birds costumes in 4 different colors: red, black, blue and green). We will be an angry bird family!!...

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Aha, found pics. This is me with the dolls, and this is me wearing the doll’s dress.
Not the greatest pic, but it was the only one I could find. My parents must have the others.

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@ANef_is_Enuf One year when I was about 4, I went as an & my mom went as Andy…we made our wigs out of yarn and drew on our faces with make-up….so fun!

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I went as Snow White. When I was younger everyone use to say I looked like Snow White.

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