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Do you find some question offensive?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) October 26th, 2011

For instance when someone asks a question that encourages people to give somewhat rude replies.

Is it just me or we encourage people to “teach” others how to be rude. It’s not about the lines it’s about how this questions fit in the whole Fluther thing.
What’s next? Are we gonna ask how to curse?

I’m not trying to make fun or anything but lately some questions were somehow out of the charts. Or am I wrong?

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Offensive? No.
Young and a bit lazy? Sure. I’m not sure how it could be considered offensive though.

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What if the asker is creating a movie and they are looking for that one great line that they can include in a trailer?

Insults and comeback lines can have a good creative value to them. They can even be humorous like jokes, or poetic. Fine with me.

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Are we all meant to pretend that everyone is polite all of the time? I think it’s a funny question and quite poignant that a young lady feels the need to ask for some verbal barbs to fend off offensive men. Perhaps it needs to be moved to social though.

And I’m not sure if the poster is not asking for tips for flirting. A good session of banter always got me going, back in the day.

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I have gotten resigned to the fact that there are many pranksters and jokers on this site who are more interested in having fun and playing games than providing useful content. I just skip questions I am not interested in.

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Yes, but I ignore those.

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There’s this question and a worse one I found them on my second or third day on Fluther and (shaking head…) they can be taken as very, very offensive. These questions just illustrate, once again, the at least 2322 year old idea that ears are connected to intelligence. (Check your biology… they aren’t.)

2322 years… how outdated is that? None of the ethnic minorities have a history of such a misconception that old!!

What I do… I assume the person means well with their questions and answer it fully as possible. What pisses me off is when I’m told I’m wrong on deaf issues by people who have no idea what it’s like to be deaf. It’s like Kobe telling a Little Person how to live their life!

{edit: I forgot to say—lots of great answers on both of these threads, though!}

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No. Most questions are just questions. It is the answers that are occasionally offensive. Nobody has to answer a question.

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@linguaphile I think the question you mentioned is pretty interesting. Since I am not deaf, I would be interested in people’s reflections on that particular sensory “dilemma”. In my opinion, you are being a little hyper-sensitive. But that is commen these days. And I suppose it is none of my business.

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I don’t see many, if any, questions that seem to have what you’re describing as intent. I’ve never seen anything really offensive questions here. I suppose there could be though.
I’d have to say, sometimes I find offending answers, at least they seem so to me. I keep my gob shut though, because it may be things I take personally, and I doubt the person writing it was all like, let’s piss off Symbeline. And even if they were, meh. Besides, I’m sure a lot of my stuff is offending to people.

But nah, I don’t think this place exists to teach people to be disagreeable and unpleasant. I see how a lot of stuff could be taken as insulting to a lot of people…but when that happens to me, I try to look at it in different angles, in case I’m interpreting the wrong thing.

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@Saint I’m laughing.

Please READ again. I said: “They can be taken as very, very offensive.” That doesn’t mean I took offense. And, I believe I also said, “I assume the person means well with their questions and answer it as fully as possible.” And if you read my posts on one of the threads, I was quite nice after being insulted. I believe you just insulted me here and it wasn’t because of what I said, but because you didn’t read exactly what I said. I’m actually extremely tolerant for people who are curious and thrilled to answer questions to help others understand. I’ve done workshops for children to adults on deafness, enjoy doing that and really accept any question.

Let me ask you something… if someone tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about when it’s about my life, career, studies and whatnot—is it that I don’t have a right to get upset? How dare I defend my own life and experiences? Is that what you’re saying? That I’m hypersensitive? “Ok, I’m white… Hey there, black man, let me tell you about being Black…” Do you think they will appreciate that??? They get that respect, but deaf people, tsk tsk…. too hypersensitive.

I can’t tell you how many times in the past 37 years I have seen people get offended when a deaf person dares to think and speak their thoughts, especially when it’s contrary to the meek, helpless, dumb, wide eyed, slack jawed stereotype. Funny… none of my Deaf friends, internationally, fit that stereotype.

Would you feel better if I went back in my good little Deaf and dumb corner and shut up?

I laughed because… First… please read carefully before you go and insult someone and second… calling someone hypersensitive is like telling a person who’s not upset to calm down. They’re gonna get pissed. Good one.

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In the sports world, when something like this pops off, we just tell the person to “sit down” when they get taken to school. Good one @linguaphile!

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@linguaphile mean deaf people can actually THINK!

I had to laugh the other day reading a Craigslist ad where the person said ” and no dumb questions!” haha
Oookay, how bout I don’t call at all.

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I see questions I find somewhat objectionable, but respect anyone’s right to ask what ever they want to. Sometimes I even check to see if they mean what I thought they meant. If I’m not interested, I don’t answer. That’s my right.

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I’d be out of a job.

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There was only one question I can remember being offended by and it was one that asked if women were basically enabling rapists to continue raping by not reporting the rape (and with the details and responses that followed, there was a bit of a “blame the victim” feel to the question/responses at times).

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Sweet holy moly, I think some questions come off as offensive because it alludes to certain things, facts or people as being true and correct with no real logic to back it up. Especially if dealing with pure science devoid of any faith at all. Some people think a question is offensive if the logic points as a negative to their group, believe, etc. There is a difference in saying ”Why should women be equal to men?”, and asking ”If the male were not tops, why are so many species the make is the dominant?” One can take that one of two ways. One can take it by way of the facts, and agree that in nature the make usually rules the pride, herd, clan, etc. Or you can get offended by the fact that the females do not often rule the roost in nature and try to distance any fact from nature to humans. Many questions get tagged offensive, because people take it too close to home and have no way to oppose it.

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I can’t remember ever being offended by a question here. There are plenty that I choose not to answer, think are dumbass or I check out because I know others will be offended and so expect an interesting discussion but I have never felt truely offended myself.

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