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How can I make 800 dollars?

Asked by derektherock42 (191points) June 23rd, 2007

I'm 14. I'm a computer geek. I want a macintosh. My parents hate macintosh a lot. They're stubborn. They will NEVER buy me one on their own. I need to work for it. How can I make about 800 dollars for a macbook? I just need some ideas.

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why the animosity towards macs? might something else be going on?

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Depends on where you live. In high school I worked in a bakery--cleared maybe $100/week in 1996, plus lots of free bread--and in summers I cut lawns for my neighbors--you can probably charge $20 to mow a decent sized lawn if you're in an area that happens.

Assuming labor rates there are up to where I think they might be, you could probably make $150/week working retail counters somewhere 20 hours a week, by the end of the summer you could end up with enough for a MPP.

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A lot of people have misconceptions that mac's are evil. I don;'t know why other than that windows propaganda has succeeded. How about tryign to show them some of the glory of macs? Maybe see if they'll pay for half of it if they agree or something?

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I don't know how to help you make the money, but I can say that is certainly a worthy cause d-:

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Thank you all for the answers. I could probably do overtime work around the house, plus mow lawns and stuff like that. And I certainly do think it's a worthy cause. :-)

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Volunteer to do anything; wash windows, vac. screens, wash cars and vac inside, paint, do other garden jobs besides mowing, weed wack, weed, prune trees, dig holes for plants.....older people are always looking for the dying breed - the HANDYMAN.

FWIW, I am an "older person" who adores the Mac...never had a virus concern in 9 years, can repair most problems and do my own trouble-shooting...have your parents play w. one...the new OS is a dream. Maybe they don't know how much easier the Mac is than the cumbersome (shudder) PCs.

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Donate bone marrow. I think that pays a lot.

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I don't know if you can do that at age 14.

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I'm gonna agree with the general concensus. There's always work to be done around the neighborhood, carwashing, lawn care, painting, dogwalking, babysitting... it'll be tough for you to get a "real job" because of your age.

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Yo, I was in the exact same situation a year ago. My parents were anti-mac, I dredfully wanted a macbook, and I was fifteen. I basically just saved a lot and for my 16th birthday I just asked for money from everyone and I had started making money from a baking business like two years beforehand, (I don't know if you're into that, but I can send you some really good original recipes. People really like muffins). Basically from birthday money and savings I was able to hook myself up with a black macbook. (Or a blackbook, if you will)

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any particular reason to get mac other than the pretty interface?

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If you're a computer geek with actual computer skills, the best way for you to make money is to help those without computer skills solve their basic computer problems. Advertise your services in your region through small ads in community newspapers, church fliers, etc., or just go door to door at small businesses. (The smaller, the better. Larger companies probably have computer experts on staff.) Stress that you'll work cheap.

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