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What are some funny video scenes I can show a bunch of entrepreneurs I'm teaching about sales and marketing?

Asked by pallen123 (1519points) October 26th, 2011

I’ve already shown them a couple clips from Tommy Boy. What other funny movie scenes involve sales or marketing or talking to customers?

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This is a little NSFW, but it’s pretty damn funny. Depending on how your workplace is, you might be able to include it.

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I am not sure if either of these will be of interest- it is from a movie where an ad executive decides to quit “spinning” ads and makes ads that tell the truth. (Funny movie- Dudley Moore “Crazy People”)

This one.

Here is another.

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This Dragons’ Den pitch might be learnful.
Or watch any other Dragons’ Den episode…, there is always one less clever idea and sales pitch in it.

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The scene in the film Serendipity with John Cusack in which Eugene Levy is a salesman is hilarious.

Also the Seinfeld episode (not sure which one) in which Jerry hires a car and then goes to get it; “I know you took the reservation. Anyone can take a reservation, the secret is holding the reservation.”

Also, there are some great films that are actual business training films with John Cleese in them that you should check out.

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This scene from Five Easy Pieces might work. It involves Jack Nicholson trying to order a meal in a diner, but he wants a few substitutions, which ultimately make the dish something completely different.

The Dead Parrot Sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus is pretty funny.

In this other funny clip from Monty Python, Michael Palin is attempting to purchase An Argument but gets sent to the wrong department.

There’s lots of funny clips from the British TV series called Are You Being Served which is set in a department store.

Fast forward to 4:31 in the episode of The Nanny called Rash To Judgement in which Fran develops an ugly all over body rash on the evening of her first romantic date with Mr. Sheffield. The scene in the drugstore, where she goes to buy some ointment is hilarious.

There’s a very funny scene in Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation in which Clark (Chevy Chase) has an embarrassing encounter with a beautiful salesclerk.

Fast forward to 6:13 to see another funny episode of The Nanny, called Making Whoopie in which Fran goes to a Chinese herbalist to buy some fertility herbs (as she and Maxell are trying to conceive). The best part is the interaction between Val (Fran’s dim witted best friend) and the store clerk.

I can’t seem to find the clip on Youtube, maybe someone can help, but there is a very funny scene from the movie The Summer of ‘41, in which one of the young fellows, Hermie, tries to buy condoms in the drugstore, but he’s very embarassed and the store clerk doesn’t realize that he is trying to buy condoms and he keeps asking Hermie questions. Eventually, Hermie fesses up to wanting condoms, but then the store clerk asks more questions about what size and how many does he want. The kid, not knowing how many come to a box, asks for a whole box of large sized condoms. Although the store clerk has already caught on to what is happening (potential underaged sex) Hermie tries to convince the clerk that he really wants the condoms to use as water balloons. This scene will probably bring back a lot of memories for men recalling their first time purchasing condoms. It’s very sweet, not dirty or controversial at all.

Not sure if this will work, but there’s a funny scene from the Carol Burnett Show in which Harvey Korman and Tim Conway have purchased first class and no frills seats, respectively, on the same plane. The differences are drastic.

You might be able to use this funny Visa commercial from a few years back starring Yao Ming which points out the necessity of making yourself understood, whether you’re the store clerk or the customer.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got.

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Not funny, but there’s a fantastic scene with a youthful Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross – “brass balls”.
Tin Men probably has some good scenes, though I don’t really remember the film all that well.

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Thanks for sharing Fluther, I enjoyed the video clips.

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check out Dozens… literally dozens of inspirational and topical talks by amazing people.

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