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What should I wear for Nationality Day?

Asked by emeraldisles (1949points) October 26th, 2011

It’s spirit week. My nationality is a mix of Irish, italian, English, and Canadian French. What should I wear. Also I don’t own a kilt.

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RCMP dress uniform would cover most of them, so would a lumberjack.

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An orange, green & white wig or paint your hair, wear a crown, a maple leaf, a black & white striped shirt with a red scarf around your neck and carry a slice of pizza or wear gold medallions around your neck…You’ll look like a walking stereo-type, but it’ll be fun!

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I would try a combination of all the nationalities that you are. You shouldn’t pick.
Possibilities (if you can):
Irish – temporary hair dye…..dye your hair red(orange)
Italian – try anything that has italy colors: red, white, and/or green
English – wear something with royalty or a crown!
Candian/French – Beret, or maybe a moose hat!

But if you are looking for something not stereo-typical like these options, message me and let me know…I’ll be more than happy to give you cultural options.

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I’m guessing that those are actually your ethnicities.
For Nationality Day (assuming you’re American),
you could dress up as a pilgrim or Boston Tea Party attendee.

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Lots of flags.

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Thanks for the ideas. I do have the gold jewelry. Am not going to dye my hair a crazy color. I did that last week and had a hell of a time washing the dye out.I’m probably not going to even dress up. so limited on what I have. It sucks.

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I’m picturing you dressed as a chef, and then you could attach plastic or papier mache or even paper cut outs of foods (including magazine photos or computer clip art pictures), which represent each of those countries. You can usually get fake food at craft stores or really big floral supply stores for pretty cheap.

So for Ireland you could have a potato, or a loaf of soda bread, or a cup of Irish coffee, or a pint of Irish beer.

For Italy you could have a pizza or a plate of spaghetti and meatballs or an Italian sausage.

For England you could have a block of cheddar cheese or a bag of English muffins or a plate of bangers and mash or a plate of fish and chips or a jar of clotted cream or a crumpet or a pot of tea.

For French Canada you could have a jug of maple syrup.

Some of the items could be fake food from the craft store, and others could be photos from magazines that you have stuck onto a piece of cardboard or poster board to make them stiff and durable. Then attach the items to your outfit with velcro. A couple of wooden spoons and a pot holder would be cute too. Just so everybody gets the gist that you are an International Chef. If you could get a chef’s hat and jacket, that would be most helpful. I’ve seen the jackets at thrift stores lots of times and you can buy the hats, online. The ones for costumes, rather than real ones are usually cheaper, but if you’re handy, you can make one.

Either the mushroom style

Or the tall toque style

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