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Do I want a netbook or an Ipad?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43078points) October 26th, 2011

Headquarters is going to allow us personal use of either a net book or an Ipad, our choice. It will still be their property.

I don’t know much about either one, though.


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What are you going to use it for? A netbook is a small computer with better capacity for typing etc., but an iPad is more fun to use, has great graphics and is comfortable for reading.

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I don’t know what I’d use it for! Fluther-on-the-go? Maybe?

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Why don’t you ask them to let you use each one for a day or so and then decide? Or go to a store where you can play. I absolutely love my iPad but do find a netbook more useful if I want to do extensive typing.

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Thanks Penguin Girl. : )

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You’re welcome. I have to say I’m resisting the impulse to jump up and down shouting, “iPad, iPad, iPad!” They really are fun machines.

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It depends. If you want a proper computer, the ability to type properly on it, and to install software you’re familiar with, get a netbook, but be prepared for a battery life of 2–3 hours or less. An ipad isn;t as powerful but if all you’re doing is surfing the net and sending emails, it’s enough and the battery lasts about 12 hours.

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Hmmmmm….Thanks @downtide….I just…I don’t know!

@janbb I think your problem is that penguins can’t jump up and down, but I sure see these funny grimaces on your face that says you’re trying like hell!

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@Dutchess_III I know – dang!

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I guess the keyword in your post is “personal” even though the company retains ownership of the device. So I would also guess that the company wouldn’t expect you to use the device for work related activities that may require certain windows-based software(s)/applications. I have an iPad that I use to quickly get on the internet whenever I feel like it, no waiting for a full-blown OS to boot-up…I can fall asleep and the iPad will go to sleep as well after a few minutes of inactivity and it’s fun to use.

On the other hand, a netbook gives you the ability to connect peripherals via USB, install specialized software compatible with enterprise class apps… basically a shrinked version of a PC.

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You sure look funny though!! : ) Can and Ipad take video??

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It really depends on what you plan to do with it. Personally, I do enough typing (a lot of it here on Fluther) that a netbook makes far more sense merely because of having an actual keyboard built into it. With the iPad, you either need an external keyboard (which you would probably have to buy) or deal with a virtual keyboard that is pretty tiny and, due to the lack of give in the “keys”, rather uncomfortable after a couple of paragraphs, at least if you are used to typing on an actual keyboard. For mere surfing though, the iPad may suit you better.

The iPad 2 can shoot 720p HD video from the rear camera while most netbooks have more basic video capability more suited for web-chatting like the one on the front of the iPad, and you’d have to be a little ingenious and fairly desperate to try much more than chat with it.

A Netbook closes up in such a way as to protect the screen though, and given the drop test results I’ve seen for iPads and iPhones, anything that protects that glass is a good thing. Battery life on a netbook seems to average 6 hours or so in real-world use; I’ve found that to be plenty long enough unless you are the type of person who hates charging things every night. Then again, that figure varies wildly from 2 to 10, depending on the netbook and battery. See below

If you already have a laptop of your own then the iPad is the way to go. If you want to shoot HD video and don’t already have another way to do it (digital camera, smartphone…) then the iPad is also the better option. If you want something that can actually be used as a real computer then the netbook is far better, if for no reason other than more storage. When I had mine, I had pretty much everything I had on my desktop system in it; no iPad is capable of holding just my RPG sourcebook library, let along all of my music and videos as well since they max out at 64 GB and cannot use external storage.

One last thing to consider; as easy as people claim iPads are to use, you already know how to use a PC so a netbook will not require learning any new skills. Sure, iOS isn’t hard to learn since it really can’t do much beyond the basics, but if you feel that your brain is already full then familiarity may not be a bad thing.

@downtide My old 8.9” Aspire One only had 2–3 hours, but that was because I opted for the smaller, lighter 3-cell pack in order to keep the thing svelte. Many of the newer ones come with 6-cell packs and more efficient CPUs though, and those generally go from 4–10 hours, depending on the make/model.

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@jerv shit!!! Now I REALLY don’t know what to do!! But thank you…

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OK…so basically, if I go with the netbook, I’m getting a free laptop from my company. If I get an Ipad, I’m getting a free toy?

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Pretty much… but I have to admit that the iPad (or any tablet) is a really neat toy.

- They are more portable.
– They have the edge in battery life;
– They are quick to “wake up” since you rarely shut them down; you just put them in sleep mode (or leave them alone for a few minutes and they’ll do it themselves) and they will be ready to rock instantly at the press of a button instead of going through a 30–90 second boot process.
– They are quick at basic tasks like surfing

Now, a netbook isn’t quite a laptop, but close enough to not make much difference.

- My 13” Toshiba laptop is about three times as fast/powerful as a netbook, though I only ever notice when I am doing the sort of stuff you probably would be confused about if I gave you details (stuff like transcoding, rendering, iterating…) so that really isn’t an issue for you; for basic stuff like browsing or watching videos, they are equally fast.
– My laptop has a bigger screen with a higher resolution so I don’t have to scroll as much on my laptop as I did with my netbook.
– My netbook was more portable. My laptop is a “Thin and light” that is the same size as a 1” three-ring binder and weighs a little under four pounds; my netbook was three inches smaller in width and depth (but the same thickness) and just over two pounds. I used to carry it around in a bag made for portable DVD players.

But a netbook is, for all practical purposes, a baby laptop.

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Yeah…I didn’t have any choice in the matter. I wanted the notebook, but they gave us the iPad. Who am I do complain?!

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