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Are you asking how many of us use it, or how many total?

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106 million accounts on September 8, 2006 and an estimated 230,000 new accounts a day.

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MySpace has grown to 220 million registered users which in terms of numbers makes MySpace the 5th largest country in the world. MySpace is also 5th in overall global internet traffic according to

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Getting bored with it…but great to quicky look up bands

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it has become so commercial and full of spam. I hardly ever even check mine anymore.

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200 billion chinese can’t be wong

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I use myspace

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I use Facebook. I used to have a Myspace and then I got a creepy stalker and deleted my account. I haven’t missed it either.

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It is a great way to look up music but I’ve noticed it takes forever to load a band’s page these days. This seems like a fairly recent development.

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