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If you were written about in the newspaper, on the front page, what would the headline say?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) October 26th, 2011

Objective: Please answer the above question with a surprising headline which also includes your most likely unassuming character trait.

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Vietnam Veteran Dies While Motorcycle Riding
( Film at eleven! )

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Sailor saves child from burning building (I’m not good at these lol).

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Local mom kills neighbors with kindness.

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Vicarious Gardener Confesses Multiple Possum Murders

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@CaptainHarley – Motorcycling as an unassuming trait? Okay, I’ll ride with you on that one.

@Blackberry – That was very courageous of you to say. Being a hero can be very unassuming. I tell that to my self everyday (but I can be the worst coward I know, yep)

@jonsblond – Wow! You must be very, very…nice! Although, I better be careful not be too kind myself or that’ll be it for me, with you. Just kidding. Stay…Kind.

@Adagio – Your more vicarious than you think. Humor may be your unassuming factor, because that possum surely isn’t playing dead. Good one.

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Nazi Bitch Runs Amok on Website. Drops Ban Hammer on Foot.

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@augustlan – I really don’t know what to think of this one. It certainly sticks out, though. But thanks for commenting, Masked A.

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Angry Horror Movie Fan Wins First Place On Cheeriest Smiles Contest.

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Zombie Invasion Destroyed By Local Moron
Movie Set Burned Down By Drunk

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