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When I update my status on facebook through my iPhone it displays my location wrong?

Asked by Jellie (6489points) October 27th, 2011

You know if you update your facebook status from an iPhone it says your location at the bottom. Well mine comes up as a different city to the one I’m in. How do I correct it?

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Is the displayed location a community that’s adjacent to the one where you are?

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Then I’d say it’s a discrepancy between the community borders as seen by the geographic utility in your iPhone, and the source (e.g.: paper map, postal address, posted sign, etc.) that you use to determine where you are.

If you’re so inclined, move to a location in your community that’s farther away and in the opposite direction from the adjacent community shown in your iPhone. If you do that, then see if the displayed location changes so that it agrees with your perception.

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I imagine it has determined that through GPRS. Am I wrong? And is there a way to fix it if I’m not.

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If you mean Global Positioning System, then you’re probably right.

Does your phone display the geographic coordinates?

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Yea I mean that.

No it doesn’t display those. Atleast not in the maps app that exists in the iPhone by default.

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The GPS is probably unable to exactly pinpoint you on the system so the app then takes a read of the cell tower location that your iPhone has latched on to and that’s the location being reported on FB. This maybe the case if you are indoors or the weather is bad.

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It may also, if your using Wi-Fi, be using the IP address for the Wi-Fi’s provider ( Comcast, TWC, AT&T… etc).

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