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How do I store things on iCloud?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) October 27th, 2011

iCloud seriously confuses me, it’s such an abstract concept. I want to free up space on my MacBook because the startup disc is almost full. Can I sync my movies onto my iPod, then delete them off iTunes but store them in the Cloud? Is there any way I can do this?

When I go to the iCloud icon in system preferences, it lets me check off things like mail, contacts etc. However, there is no place for movies. I think checking these off means that they will automatically downloaded between my devices. But, I want to use iCloud to store heavy files such as whole TV seasons (these are usually 10 GB!). How do I choose what to store? The Apple website is absolutely no help…

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iCloud is being rolled out pretty slowly as it is a beta. Apple wants to see what people are using it for before they expand on it. The media streaming thing is not yet available so you can’t do what you are talking about yet.

But I’d be very wary of uploading that much data to the cloud, especially because of the cost. You only get 5GB for free, so if you’re talking about entire seasons of shows, the max they offer is an additional 50GB and that costs $100 a year.

It would be cheaper, and more practical if you just bought an external hard drive and store your videos there.

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iCloud is not like an extra hard drive you can store movies on. Currently iCloud is only for synchronizing things like contacts, calendars, email etc between 2 or more devices.

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@sinscriven Thanks so much, I will definitely be buying an external hard drive to store my media in. If I import all my movies onto an external hard drive after they have been synced to my iPod, is it safe to delete the files off of iTunes? What I mean is, after these movies have been deleted, if I sync my iPod to iTunes again will the movies on the iPod get deleted? (because there will be no files of it on iTunes).

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If you have automatic syncing enabled then you must have all those files in your library. If your iPad is set for manual syncing, then you may not need to keep them on your HD, but you risk losing your only copy of it should something go wrong and you need to do a restore. I would not reccomend deleting your local copy.

The way most people do this is that they will take their entire iTunes folder from the My Music/Music section of your home folder, and copy it to the external hard drive. Then go into the Preferences, and change the library destination from the old one, to the one on the external hard drive. Once that’s done, you can delete the itunes folder on your main machine and free up a lot of space. But from now on, you need that drive connected to play your media.

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