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What great mystery in life would you seek to solve if you had the means and determination to do so?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) October 27th, 2011

Anything that has ever been documented on the History Channel or Discovery Channel may be good sources to draw from.

Have fun, find your quest.

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Hmm. Proving life on other planets.

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KFC’s secret recipe

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Why there seems to be a human need for war.

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You might find answers on this recently asked question interesting…

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@Michael_Huntington I’ll answer that for you.

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Anti-intellectualism. Why it is cool to be dumb and ignorant.

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The Lost City of Atlantis
DB Cooper

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The usual big ticket question that has plagued mankinds thoughts since the beginning of time.

Where and how did life originate?
Is there life after death?
Is there life in other galaxies?
Are we here by “accident” or intelligent design?

Is life, as we know it, nothing more than a Farside cartoon? lol

Personally, my greatest desire is to lose this body and experience being at one with the cosmos. I get chills just thinking about what it might feel like to experience “myself” as pure energy searing across the cosmos. ;-)

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How did Steve Martin ever become a comedic actor? How, just how?

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@Blackberry Becuz emteevee sayed so!

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The exact recipe as to why Canada is the greatest nation on earth!

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How could a deaf person ever create such a wonderful music [not only Beethoven]. I mean it should be something nice to understand .. the way the feel the music, the way they see it, the way they understand it .. would be really cool.

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@Michael_Huntington MTV can burn. Kill it with fire.

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@Schroedes13 They don’t spend all their money on war, and they seem to care more for their citizens. :)

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Hey, I love Steve Martin! Now Eddie Murphy can take a flying leap into the dung heap, I do not get his popularity, he’s an idiot IMO. LOL

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@Coloma Opinions are like arseholes, we all like to show ours in public…..wait a minute, that’s not quite right!

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Just who/what Shakespeare was, and stop the speculations about whether he was real or not, once and for all.

for the record, I think he was real

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Cure for cancer. No second thought.

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@linguaphile that has been done. Yes he was real and yes he did write.

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@cazzie Apparently, the disbelievers are at it again. The movie Anonymous is one good example. (sorry the link won’t stick.)

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yeah, I suppose the same way people thought Brown was writing non-fiction. Bread and circus because the truth wouldn’t make a compelling movie

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The Eyptian pyramids,

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I’m with @cazzie on this one. Cancer it is. Or failing that, I would like to understand everything there is to know about inflammation in the human body. That’ll cover quite a lot of terrible things.

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What, no desire for world peace? That trumps cancer, the god hole and everything else. ;-)

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Where the other sock goes.

@Coloma Not much mystery to world peace; just get everybody on the right page and they’ll stop fighting. I think we’ve realized that world peace is practically unattainable.

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Is it sad that my general apathy towards everything makes it nearly impossible to answer this question?

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@Nullo You’ll be happy to see that here are some definitive answers to your question.

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@janbb Thanks for the repost! I’m planning the expedition as we speak.

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It was a question I really enjoyed.

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I would finally discover who it was exactly that put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp, the ram in the rama lama ding dong, the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop, and the dip in the dip da dip da dip.

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How does matter, arranged in certain complex patterns, become aware of itself?

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Why people like Kim Kardashian.

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