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Who wants to join me in throwing a massive appreciation party for our Mods and Dog and Auggie?

Asked by janbb (59344points) October 27th, 2011

There have been some real firestorms around here lately and I think we need to stop and thank the Mods and staff. I was just noticing how friendly all the wording (including the editing message) is around here and thinking about why Fluther is my home base on the Web. You guys really rock! Dog biscuits, beer and pizza all around! My treat.

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I don’t know how they do it! You are all wonderful!

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You guys are awesome!! Thanks for doing all you do!

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Yeah, go on then, respect to all….except that fiddle playin fella, that guy’s a proper bastard! ;¬}

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Great that you’ll kept your cool, sorry about the lumps on your forehead @Auggie !

Don’t take any aspirin until the swelling goes down,
Just ice packs. I’m not a Doctor but is stayed in a Holiday. . .

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Thanks Mods, you’re the best! Don’t know what we would do without you.

Don’t forget to attend the nekkid pancake after-party.

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Yes! Cheers to all for their work.

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Thank you guys!

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I raise my glass in celebration
And toast all things in moderation ;-)

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It seems like a lot of obnoxious things have been happenning on a fairly regular basis these days, and the Mods do a really good job at smoothing things over and dealing with each situation accordingly as best they can- on top of their “real lives.” So thanks for putting up with us,and not leaving us high and dry :]

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I thank, thank, thank you all for keeping Fluther a great place to visit. Auggie goes the extra mile—she really cares for jellies and shows it when she checks up on us personally.

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Add my name to the list of appreciative jellies. It’s nice to have a site for calm, knowledgeable discussions.

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Thank you. I’m very appreciative along with many other Jellies!

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Thanks from me too, your work is appreciated

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I am so thankful for all you guys do to make this place special among the chaos that is most of the internet. You’re amazing!

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You guys have dealt with a ridiculous amount of crap lately. Dunno how you keep your cool sometimes, really. Thanks!

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Amazing Mods and Staff that keep if all going.
Truly appreciated on all that is done that we see and all those things we don’t see.


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I totally agree. You guys make Fluther the great place it is.

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Thank you for all your recognized diplomacy and for all the artfull ways you have steered course so well that it has appeared effortless.

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We have mods?

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I know they know we appreciate them.

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Thanks, guys and gals!!

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I appreciate augustlan every day not only for being a great community manager, but also for being an awesome mom! <3

To all the mods, though: Thanks for all that you do, seen and unseen. You work extremely hard, especially for just being volunteers. You guys are great! :D

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A poem:

Through this wasteland of spammers and trolls,
Our High-Priestess of Order patrols.
Thanks to skilled application
Of her dread flagellation,
We’re remarkably free of assholes.

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I really, really appreciate all of the work you do to keep the site the wonderful place that it is!

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I think you guys probably already know how I feel, I’m on every mod-bashing thread supporting, defending and taking up my sword to do battle for Auggie and the crew.

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I lurve you guys. :)

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I’m microwaving the Brie right now. 10 seconds should be just about right, and enough time to say thanks thank you for all your hard work… Oops! That edit took too much time. Darn! Now it’s all runny and getting all over my fingers. Hmmm…. Yep! Oh yeah. This is ready for the party! Someone get the blindfolds, feathers and extra towels!

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Between the tons of spam trying to sneak in nightly and all the bitching of noobs about the writing standards, you guys definitely have your hands full. And you all do a great level-headed job of it.

Thanks for your time and hard work.

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I’ll bring the liquor.

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To Dauggie!! <clinks glasses>

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Yay mods and staff! Thanks for keeping Fluther awesome and for not redacting any of my smartass answers! Yet!

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Yeah, they all deserve to be paid for the shit they put up with what they do.
Plus a fat raise for Auggie. And maybe a shiny new whip.

For now, they’ll just have to settle for pancakes, brownies and lurve.

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A long stemmed red rose to each from me with respect and appreciation.

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Thank you guys for being the fashizle! :-)

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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I was a mod for over a year and it has given me new appreciation for the folks who keep this site from exploding all over the interwebz. There is so much shit and awfulness that goes on behind the scenes and these guys keep it from spilling over into the main flow of the site. That takes talent, dedication and the kind of self-restraint seen in bomb squads, hostage negotiators and kindergarten teachers. Good for all of you wonderful mods who can take the heat!

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Thanks Auggie and mods, for all you do. I think you all are wonderful.

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This thread has brought a tear to my eye, guys. Thank you so much! And remember, we couldn’t do it without you, the best members a site could have!

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@augustlan Just one tear? Is that like having a trouble? ;)

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Hey, wait!
I’d like to say THANKS too! All your effort is appriciated!
And…of course, I am pleased I have not been in any violation for a long time. LOL
Everyone’s on it! We’re in the flow! ;-)

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The Mods here are great, despite the stuff @janbb says in chat.

what a brown noser

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Yes, a huge thank you to the mods, for keeping us in line not that I’ve personally ever needed a scolding <cough cough> and sending miscreants off to be devoured by the ravenous sea god! You seriously deserve a huge round of applause and lots of hugs for all you do.

Mandatory keg stands and whippings for everyone!

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@filmfann You dissin’ my beak, boyo?

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Beer and pizza!

And yeah, mods and staff, yall rock. I wouldn’t do what you guys do, but I’m sure glad someone is doing it. Keep it up, you all know you’re appreciated. :)

’‘sings go ninja go ninja go!’’

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I love you, ladies. :)

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I am not much of a “joiner” and am pretty independent in my non-virtual life. Fluther is the only place I regularly visit in large part because of the moderation on the site. This is not the cyber wasteland I see on so many other sites and I give Auggie and the Mods a great deal of credit for keeping this the kind of environment where I feel comfortable! I really appreciate @janbb for giving me (and others) the change to be reminded that it is important to tell people when you care about them and their efforts! Kudos all around . . .. :)

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Thanks to the mods for everything. And @augustlan How’s your head today. I know you were banging against your desk last night. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

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I’ll drink to that. It’s often a thankless job. But I do appreciate the order they help restore when things get out of hand, and the quick flush to the spammers.

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Thanks for keeping our little corner of the internet awesome. <3

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P. A. R. T. Y??? Because I gotta!!!

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Thank you to all the Mods and the wonderful Auggie. You do an often thankless job, but thank goodness you do it.

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How did I ever miss this?
2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate?
mods! mods! mods!
yay auggie!

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Fluther. The best Q&A site on the web. Good job mods!

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