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Are you a detail book person?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) May 12th, 2008

maybe a bit of a stupid question on an intelectual board, but do you buy a lot of specialised books? for instance, i bought core memory last week and got totallly guitar: the definitive guide today, so what about you, are you into detail books?

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Absolutely. I’ve always been fascinated with details. I was recently given Schott’s Miscellany 2008: An Almanac, which is full of interesting facts about nearly anything you could imagine.

This semi-official description (stolen from seems to describe its innards better than I could:

In the modern age, where information is plentiful but selection and analysis elusive, Schott’s Almanac presents a unique biography of the year: from Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s historic presidential runs to George Bush’s continued infatuation with “the Google,” from marriage and crime statistics to the incidence of shark bites worldwide, and from the Nobel Prize for Literature to the Bad Sex in Fiction award, Schott’s Almanac distills information and opinions critically, giving readers an accurate biography of the year past.

Practical, entertaining, and utterly compulsive, Schott’s Almanac eschews endless lists and tiny type to present an elegantly designed and utterly compulsive selection of the year’s events.

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yeah, i just bought “the complete guide to high fire glazes.” it breaks down the different formulas potters use to make glazes.

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I do with history books

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