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Which Disney character is the prettiest and least prettiest?

Asked by chelle21689 (7647points) October 27th, 2011

This artist made them real life paintings in photoshop! He used some celebrities and people as an inspiration to these characters to make them look more real life like.

I think Jasmine is prettiest and hottesst! She’s always been my favorite. Pocahontas is pretty and so is Esmarelda.

Aurora, they made her look manly! Ursala of course…self explanatory.

Ariel, Belle, Meg, and Mulan.

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Megara looks like the most fun on a date.

She has that, I am gonna get us into trouble expression.

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Where’s the woman from The Road To El Dorado?

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Prettiest would have to be Tinkerbell or Rapunzel.

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These pics aren’t good renderings of reality. Neither are the characters. I have no preference.

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Prettiest – Beauty
Least pretty – Beast

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@Blackberry I don’t think that was Disney. But she would look interersting too! Maybe with more clothing.

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Oh, the paintings are fun. I don’t really have an opinion, though. Obviously all of the characters were meant to be “beautiful,” so it’s kind of silly to rank them, for me. However, I didn’t know that Ursula was inspired by Divine, which is pretty damn cool.

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Okay, I don’t see a Tinkerbell, but Belle might be my favorite here.

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I love those pictures!! Based on only the “paintings” listed, Jasmine is the prettiest and Aurora is the least pretty.

Going based on all the movies I’ve seen that the artist has not yet “painted”, I would have to say that either Jasmine or Tiana is the prettiest, and (just in the “princess” category) Snow White is the least pretty.

If I were choosing any Disney character to judge, the prettiest would be Rapunzel’s mother from Tangled. She’s gorgeous! The least pretty of all the Disney characters would either be Ursula or Cinderella’s stepmother.

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I don’t really like these depictions of them. But judging by my general idea of them (cartoons and the face characters at Disney World), I think Jasmine is the prettiest, followed by Ariel. Ohh and I just watched The Princess and the Frog, and I think Tiana would be my third favourite.

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Hmm…hard to say. They all look pretty in their own way. Even Ursula. In between Megara and Jasmine. And Mulan. Ariel. I denno. But Disney Princesses, FTW.

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@martianspringtime The Princess and the Frog is now my favorite (animated) Disney movie. I took my 5 yr old to see it in the theater and fell in love with it.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Never saw that one, but I heard it was indeed good. I saw Tangled recently, that was really awesome. That horse cracks me up lol.

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@Symbeline “Frying pans, who knew, right?” :P But seriously, WATCH Princess and the Frog! It’s so good!

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Great Caesar’s Ghost, out of those choices and those renditions, I would say the most hottest, and attractive to me Mulan, then Pochahontas, Esmeralda, Jasmin, then Belle. Ariel was OK, middle of the pack, if you ask me. Did not even consider Ursula, she was not the heroine but a villain, so not a true princess in my book. Plus not only was she modeled after a man, she was fat, too much make up, and yellow teeth as well. Kinda tells you something about what Disney think is attractive and what isn’t. Out of the true princesses the least attractive to me, were Megara, the hair and nose just wasn’t doing it for me, and Aurora. The beauty better keep on sleeping, looked way too mannish for me.


Prettiest? Bo Peep from Toy Story.

Ugliest? Cruella from 1001 Dalmations.

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Where the fuck is Snow White?

and I’d love to see what the seven dwarfs look like in real life. I’m expecting one of them to resemble Danny Devito.

Mulan is a cutie.

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I wanna hump Cruella, she wouldn’t know whether to fart, piss or whistle dixie when i’m finished with her. Yeah she’s a bag of bones & yes she has a mean streak, but she just needs a man in her bed, that’s all.

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oops. sorry for the bad language. I guess this is a question about Disney. sorry! White is my fave. =)

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I wish people would’ve answered from the photos…bo peep (whatever her name is) isn’t on the list.

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I answered from the photos… at first… sorry lol.

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@chelle21689 wish people would’ve answered from the photos I did, but this is Fluther, for all the smart, enlightened minds, they don’t stick to the script often enough. When they don’t like the possible answers they pull a Kobayashi Maru a la Captain Kirk, they just make an answer they like instead of the available ones. :-)


@chelle21689 Sorry. My bad.

Mulan’s cute.

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Agree with Mulan.

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What’s wrong with Aurora and Snow White? I do think Jasmine looks like Kim Kardashian though.

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