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How long would it take me in a taxi to get to SFO Friday morning from the Lower Haight?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) May 12th, 2008

I have an early flight (well, early for me, its at 8:30) on Friday and trying to maximize sleeping time. I want to get to the airport by 7:30. The shuttles want to pick me up really early, earlier than I would need to leave if I took a bus and BART. How long would a taxi take? Is there traffic in that direction around 7am on a Friday?

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Yes, there is a fair amount of traffic headed south on 101, even at 7 AM. Could take you as little as 20 minutes (with Mario Andretti at the wheel) or as much as 45 with sluggish traffic. It will also cost you about 40 dollars, FYI.

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I would give yourself extra time. Why not take the shuttle? They are more likely to get you to the airport at a decent hour then a taxi.

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It’s about 30 minutes with no unusual traffic delays.

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yahoo map it
they even tell you the amount of time it would take with traffic

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I live in the Lower Haight and if I had to get to the airport by 7:30 I would leave at 6:45. Then again, I always cut it kind of close…but 45 minutes should be enough time to get to the airport from the Lower Haight. Just make sure you call a cab ahead of time – it can be hard to hail one on the street at that hour.

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