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What's a good song to audition with?

Asked by ToxicLove (179points) October 27th, 2011

I’m auditioning for this talent scout program, and I have to sing a song. Any ideas? Thank you.

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What sort of music do you like to sing?

In a stressful moment in an audition it is best to sing a song that you are really familiar with.

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“Somewhere” from West Side Story. I don’t think it is terribly difficult, but when sung well it can really be emotional.

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I agree with marinelife. Now is not the time to attempt to learn a song you are not already familiar with.

What about a love song you love and can associate with?

This works wonders. Try it.

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One that you are most proud of and in your comfort zone. Don’t stretch for something at this point. Do that once the pressure is off.

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Blue Moon-Elvis Presley

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Jessie J’s Price Tag

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@Kardamom You Raise Me Up is a real audition cliche,

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An incredibly important detail you left out was whether you are male of female, and what range you sing in (tenor, etc).

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you should sing a song that you are familular with and a song that suits your tone of voice. just make sure you are in your comfort zone and later on in the competition start to test your abbilities

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Thanks you guys but it sucks when your a very indecisive person like me.I’ll choose a song and a week before I preform,I want to change it.

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