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Is my new Lab puppy wacko, since she loves bananas?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) October 27th, 2011

Needless to say, I was shocked to see my three month old Lab puppy eating bananas left on a table. She weighes about 65 pounds and pulls things off the counter top at will. Question: will the bananas give her diaherra? We have enough of that already.

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Lab Puppy = wacko

Banana’s are ok, but too many could ferment in the belly. ewwwwwwww.

A few slices and even a few frozen slices are fun.

You are in such trouble with puppy proofing for a lab. Have fun!!!!!

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Not wacko, but bananas…

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As wacko as my cat who loves strawberries.

Link is working now.

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LOL. My puppy loves bananas too! I was going to ask a question about it because she seemed to be crazy about them but I wasn’t sure if it was o.k. to give them to her but I totally forgot. No, I don’t think it makes your dog crazy. My dog is crazy but not because she loves bananas, she’s just crazy.

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Since owning a basset hound, I’m convinced that dogs will eat pretty much anything and everything, and enjoy it.

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Labs tend to be a little on the greedy side concerning food and eating in general. They will pretty much eat anything and never seem to get enough. They love their chow and that is why Labs are so prone to obesity. You really have to watch their food intake and make sure they get lots of exercise to burn off the calories as they get older, much like us.

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Like @ANef_is_Enuf stated, my terrier/shepard found a penny on the floor and tried to eat it. I can’t tell you all the odds and ends I have found in his bed. The pastry cutter was pretty funny, my shoes were not.

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We used to board a labrador at my office whose owners would bring a bunch of bananas for her treats. She got a half in the morning and half at bedtime and our vets had absolutely no problem with giving them as a snack. She was absolutely crazy for them… she’d start spinning in circles and hyperventilating as soon as you cracked one open (in another room, even!). We called her Sally-nanners.

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@Blueroses I’m assuming you mean half a banana, morning and evening, not half of the bunch. :-) I might start doing that. As I mentioned, my puppy loves bananas too but I wasn’t sure I she could have them or if she could, how much. Obviously, like anyone animal or human, you don’t want to eat so much of one food that you are too full to ingest a nutritionally balanced diet every day. But, I bet she would be pretty happy with one banana a day, split between morning and evening. The are so easy to cut into bite size pieces, of course and they would be good treats for her.

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@lillycoyote Yes, half of one banana! LOL. She’d have happily eaten half a bunch at once and then died of an ecstatic fit.

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Feed your pup pure pumpkin (not the pumpkin pie one) from a can its full of fibre and helps puppies with the poopers. The bananas shouldn’t be 2 bad unless it’s a lot.
Bananas help with pottasium some dogs lack that and that’s why they eat the poopers. Yucky face.

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@Blueroses LOL. My puppy is pretty excitable too. I made a quick run to the 7–11 earlier tonight and decide to take her with and she nearly pulled my shoulder out of it’s socket running to the car. I think she’s definitely the kind of dog that could die simply from an “ecstatic fit.” Though I’m not sure her love for bananas would be the thing that did her in. :-)

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Most fruits and vegtables are fine for dogs in moderation. Mine loved peas. I was at the Wolf Mtn Nature Center and they loved pumpkins.

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Not wacko :) cute!!
My cat eats anything you’re eating! He’ll come and sit next to me, make that puppy-kitty face and beg for it even though he just ate!

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Pumpkin?? Really? Pumpkin? Wonder how that got started?

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@john65pennington They went crazy over them.

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My Lab-mix loves fruit and other people food. He gets 95% dry dog food, 5% people food on top as flavoring. I don’t give him fatty foods, though, because that does not work well in the end(!). and no chocolate.

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My chocolate has food allergies she can get diarreaha fast if she has has something she’s sensitive too. In my search to aid her I found out that pumpkin will help. I found a great diet and she has had no problems. She is on a limited ingredients diet.
She is now a vegetarian :)

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My Lab-mix developed an allergy to chicken due to OD: roast chicken dog food, chicken-based dog treats, chicken-flavored toothpaste. All was good once I put him on lamb-and-rice dog food, beef and beet based treats, and herbal toothpaste.

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@Meego My friend/client had a Boxer that was allergic to every protein and carb source known to dog foods. The poor thing broke out in hives and lost half his body weight from not being able to process any foods. Even the “novel protein” and the very expensive “hydrolized protein” diets were intolerable. He finally found success in a diet of pinto beans and pumpkin, supplemented with multi vitamins. He lived another 7 years on that diet.

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How funny- my Lab also loves bananas!! She has actually gotten some of the other dogs to eat them, just because they felt left out, I guess; even though the other two that will eat it obviously don’t enjoy it!

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Sable (my choc.lab) was eating a very good holistic food. Just before my husband passed away I remember now saying that I thought it looked like she had blood in her stool.

Everything at that time was kind of a blur. But I never got to take her to the vet for that but then she gradually got more sick and sick she wasn’t eating drinking, she was vomiting, she had diarreaha, she was drooling, lethargic and almost comatose.

When I got her to the vet they sent me 2hrs away to an emerg. pet clininc in the middle of the night. She ended up in icu that night and stayed there for a week.

So the results came back they tested her for everything, cancer, pyrometra, rabies etc.
She had none of those, but it was apparent that it was something she ate, and that it had got to her liver, which were the symptoms she had of liver disease.

Low and behold the vet didn’t really tell me she had a food intolerance I kind of came to that conclusion myself. I found a great diet called dick van patten and she is on the veggie diet now, and ironically thinking back, her poop has never looked as ‘healthy’ as it does now. I still don’t know what it is she has issues with.

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