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What sexual orientation do you come across as?

Asked by Prosb (4271points) October 27th, 2011

Inspired by this question, when people first meet you, do you come off as gay/lesbian or straight? What are some traits you have, that you think make you come off this way?

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I would assume hetero. I’m very feminine in the way that I dress and speak.

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I used to dress so good that everyone thought I was gay.

Now I don’t dress so good anymore.

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It depends on how observant people are. If you pay close enough attention, you can tell I’m not exactly straight, but most assume I am.

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In person, hetero female. In online forums, apparently ambiguous. I’m surprised how often I’m mistaken for male online.

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Generally people think I’m a heterosexual female, and I am, but when me and my best friend go out to a nightclub to watch her boyfriend’s band play, we are almost always pegged as lesbians, which is OK for us, because then less creepy guys tend to hit on us. Our 2 lesbian friends (who actually are a couple) who often accompany us, are not usually pegged as a lesbian couple. Why? Beats me?

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Always straight. Never once has someone pegged me for gay.

I’m a lesbian.

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Always, hetero. I’ve never been mistaken.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

Oh, yes, it did not occur to me to specify that I’m not hetero.

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I was surprised when two people said I could actually come off as gay. I mean, if it’s one person, you don’t pay attention…but two…...there’s something going on lol.

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Always heterosexual, even when I was a music major. When gay men would hit on me, they inevitably began with “it’s a pity you’re straight” even if they’d never met me before. I must have some sort of tell.

Well, it was college… I suppose my tell was looking at women. Then again, I could have been bisexual for all they knew.

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I really don’t know. I’ve never really had occasion to ask what I come off as. Someone asked if I was a lesbian once, but I think it was because people assume that if you have anything with a rainbow on it, you must be gay.
I guess if someone were just listening in on one of my conversations, they wouldn’t be able to tell. I probably talk about ladies as much as I talk about men, though I’ve only ever been truly attracted to guys. I don’t care much one way or another. The only time I imagine it could possibly make a difference is if a guy I was actually interested in didn’t think I liked the opposite sex.

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I’d assume hetero.

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I never thought I’d come across as anything other than hetero female. That’s what I am.

good question

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

People think I’m bisexual because I’m very outgoing and flirtatious.

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Straight. Unrelated, but in fora and other text-based media applications I’ll sometimes come across as female, rather than male. Never fails to amuse.

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Gay, which I like.

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Well, I must be pumping out straight vibes like nobody’s business because even folks who know I’m bi are surprised when I check out a fine-looking female.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Yeah. Apparently I’m a nice dresser, clean cut, and don’t really project any masculine mannerisms right off the bat. One said they wouldn’t be surprised if I came out lol! They weren’t being mean by the way, we were having a chat.

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Generally, hetero female. However, bi-women seem to hit on me a lot, so maybe they’ve got good bi-dar. I’m mostly straight, with bi-leanings.

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I’ve really no idea, the thought has never crossed my mind. I mean, i’m not your typical “butch” “macho” fella, whatever that means & I can camp it up with the best of them when I feel the need, but I probably come across as I am, straight as an arrow. Although I was once asked if I was gay by a pinhead bouncer at a club. I was at a works charity night dressed as Dick Turpin. I just put that down to him being an ignorant ape though.

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Apparently, asexual. I am not though.

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Straight. I wouldn’t know what people percieve of me.

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While it is obvious that I am interested in women, I have had enough gay men hit on me that I guess I come across as bisexual. Maybe people just make assumptions about Navy guys?

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@jerv I don’t hear them anymore, but definitely with the younger crowd there are gay jokes. But what do young people know, anyway? Haha.

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@Blackberry Things were a little different when I was in. A lot can change in 15–20 years.

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I think I confuse people…Because they think I am straight (I suppose), but then I will go on about how beautiful or hot some woman is. I appreciate the beauty of female bodies, but have only had romantic feelings for men. I also have ‘guy-ish’ mannerisms, which I think confuses people, too.

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No clue, never been told by anyone that they assumed one way or another…I don’t think I come off as anywhere near as “girly” as most girls my age but I have trouble imagining that people would draw any conclusions about my sexuality from that…of course, they’d be stereotyping something awful if they did.

It doesn’t matter to me what label people apply to me in that regards because I don’t even know what damn label I fall under. I don’t really worry about it.

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I don’t know what I come across as, but the majority of people default others to heterosexuality that I can only assume those who have asked if I am homosexual or bisexual are oddball outliers. Either way, I don’t really care how I am perceived.

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Not entirely sure. At first I probably seem asexual (and I have been told this), but then I probably start to seem homosexual (due to how easily I’ll express attraction towards people of my own gender while I’m more reserved when making such statements about the opposite sex.) As for what I actually am: I am open to experiencing a loving and sexual relationship with the same sex, but have only managed to actually fall in love with the opposite. Physically, I find both attractive.

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