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Has anybody had LASIK (laser eye surgery) on them?

Asked by prasad (3859points) October 28th, 2011

Has anybody had corrected their vision through LASIK? Is it permanent? Or it just that it reduces the number? Anyone with myopia had lasik?

I am looking for correcting my vision. I have myopia (I got it from my mother genetically). I am 27 years old (so possibly, I have stopped growing my height).
Is it safe? beneficial?
When should one get it done? till 40?
Would you share your experiences?

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Try this old thread. There are a few of them that might help actually :)

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My sister had it done successfully. She no longer wears glasses. She had one eye done at a time, She is very happy with it.

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My father-in-law as well, but he’s not your age, he’s retired. He had it done about 5 years ago. He just loves it too, even though he still has these little reading glasses he brings with him now.

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My wife had it done. And she really enjoys being free from glasses and contacts… for now.

The thing is, your eyes change shape as you get older… and the structural components get less flexible over time, too. This means your “optimal” eyesight is always a bit of a moving target. So… LASIK can fix the problem as you have it now, but as you continue to age and your eyes continue to change, you might need to get correction again later.

There are also side effects. For example, my wife’s eyes dry out a lot easier now, so she keeps rewetting drops handy.

I have happily settled for contact lenses that I can leave in all day and all night for 30 days at a time. My opthamologist calls ‘em the “poor man’s LASIK” as they need almost no maintenance. And, when my prescription does eventually need to change, I can address it almost immediately, instead of being in denial after spending so much on a surgical procedure and hoping it’ll last.

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I am considering this procedure as is my daughter.
The price has come down considerably and from what I understand whether you pay $300 an eye or more, it makes no dif. There is no “skill” involved, only setting the machine. Don’t be conned into the ultra expensive clinics.

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I had it a few years ago (for cataracts) and it is great, they did one eye on Monday, one eye on Tuesday, back to work on Wednesday. I highly recommend it.

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@Coloma While prices have gone down considerably, there is a big difference for you pay.
Those teaser prices you see for $300/eye don’t include a lot of things.
It sounds great, but they will end up nickel and diming you.

Also, not all LASIK machines are created equal. The newer ones analyze the different curvature of your eye. The older ones do not. They’re more of a one-size-fits all kind of deal. Not surprisingly, you get what you pay for.

So if you’re talking about the older machines, yeah, not as much skill involved.
If you’re talking about the newer machines, it takes considerable skill to calibrate the machine’s capabilities to your eye.

The same machine in the hands of a lesser surgeon can result in complications like haloing or dry eye. Other times, the opthamologist may have to go in with a microkeratome. Not all surgeons are trained to do this.

I would suggest finding one that is Fellowship-trained or has at least 10 years of experience specializing in LASIK. And read the fine print of that “deal”.

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Sound advice :-)

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Had the Lasik done in 1999 and I’m still glad I did it.
I was -7.0 in both eyes and getting increasingly intolerant of contacts.

Wait until your eyes are settled enough that they have not changed for two years or more, because as well noted above your eyes may continue to change. Mine had not had a prescription change for about three years before I did the procedure.
My vision has since deteriorated only a little but no so much I need glasses. I might need glasses for reading soon as a bit of presbyopia has set in (many years later than normal according to my opthamologist), and Lasik can’t help with that.

Go to an establishment that has experience. I went to a group that was involved in developing the method in the first place and they really know their stuff.

“The newer ones analyze the different curvature of your eye. The older ones do not.”
That has at least as much to do with the initial consultation as with the Lasik machine. They have to examine your eyes with a special scanner that maps the eye’s surfaces. Those data are fed into the correspondingly sophisticated Lasik machine to make just the right adjustments to your eyes. Unless you have ideally-shaped eyes in the first place this will make a difference.

Be prepared to feel like you are being assimilated by the Borg. Lasik is a Very Unnatural process. Fortunately it is over fast. (~ ten minutes for both eyes in my case).

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Finally back with Lasik done!

I had Lasik last week; both eyes. I had -7 on both eyes and now I can see without glasses! There is little haziness in left eye though; doctor says it will clear out in about 6 weeks. No special care now, just eye-drops from time to time, and no rubbing eyes.

Yes, it was done in five or ten minutes. Of course, various tests were carried out earlier to check if I qualify for Lasik. Just before the surgery, I went in a room wearing that green dress and a green cap too. I was told to close my eyes. Some solution was applied on both eyes. Then, after sitting for a while closed eyes, I was called in. I laid down on a bed. From here onwards, my parents could see my surgery on a television outside the operation theater. It is as usual; removing the flap, then applying the laser, putting back the flap.

I had a little pain for a day, on which I had Lasik. But, from next morning, I was normal. A lens was put in my left eye. It was removed after 8 days. Now, feeling normal.

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Congratulations ! Wishing you continuing success.

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@dabbler Thank you very much!

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Yep. In 1999. I went form being legally blind for 40 years to 20/20 vision. It was like a miracle. I also have a VHS tape of it. So cool. He complimented me on my eye lashes.

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Edit: already answered this. haha

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