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How do you wake up in the morning?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) October 28th, 2011

Everyone has their individual or unique ways of getting out of bed and waking up in the morning. What is yours?

Do you set an alarm or just wake up on your own? How many times do you hit snooze or do you set many alarms?

What actions do you take to wake up? Slap yourself in the face? Cold water? A jug of coffee? Exercise?

Are you a morning or night person? How does this affect you getting up or the day? How is a weekday different from the weekend?

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Going through some insomnia at the moment. No alarm clock necessary.

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I am a morning person. I usually wake up right away ready to go.

I use an alarm clock if I have something special to get up for.

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I am not a morning person. I have to set three alarms on my iPod or just one and put it across the room so I have to get up to turn it off. It’s horrible. Takes me a while to get to 100% awake mode too.

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Depends on how much sleep I got.

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The only way I can reliably wake up in the morning is to stay awake all night then go to sleep after the morning is finished. I’m a night owl .

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No alarms, I usually wake naturally between 5–7 am depending on my bedtime.

Wake up in my awesome memory foam bed and stretch and lounge for a few minutes while my cat starts bouncing around the bed excited about getting her breakfast.

Keep pj bottoms and a top and socks on a wicker trunk at the foot of my bed and get up and put those on in the dark most of the time, fumbling around to make sure I am not putting them on backwards. lol

Wander out into my cozy living room and turn on a couple of low watt lamps and go to the kitchen and out the kettle on for instant coffee. Tasters choice in my cup!

If it is almost sunrise go straight out through my garage and let the geese out of their barn, if it is still dark, be very quiet so they don’t start shrieking because they know I am awake. haha

Say ” Good Morning” to geezers as they file out of the barn and make a beeline for their pools and morning swim.

Come back in, pop open a can of Fancy Feast for princess pussy and then….coffee and a bit of Fluthering!

Sometimes like yesterday I go out to my hot tub with my coffee and bask in the tubby and watch the sunrise. Bliss out!

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Twin alarms, set ten minutes apart…… If that doesn’t work then one of the cats will give me a paw to the nose to wake me up properly :-/
I work three different shifts, so my sleep time varies… for instance, days I’m up at 05.00, bed about 23.30… the alarms are set at 04.50 & 05.00 when I’m on nights I turn the alarms off & sleep as much as possible to catch up, same for my late shift……. I like my bed on a weekend too, if I don’t have to be up for work.
I need a mug of coffee to get me started & a banana :-/

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I hardly ever use the alarm clock anymore. I’m pretty much on my own schedule. Every morning without fail my dog walks up to the side of the bed and licks me awake and leaves the room. If I have my things in order because I prepared them the night before everything goes like buttah. If I forgot to do any of those things…not so buttah like.

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3 alarms, over the span of 30 minutes. I am not a morning person at all.
Weekends I try to get up by 9, but I usually end up turning my alarm off and sleeping in.
Weekdays I unfortunately have to be up by 7 or 8 depending on the day.

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I set an alarm and never hit snooze. I get up as soon as my alarm goes, I hate delaying the inevitable. I usually get in the shower within 10 minutes of getting out of bed! I’m definitely more of a night person but I don’t mind mornings providing I am not worried about anything within the day ahead.

On weekends I usually sttill set an alarm I juswt allow myself more of a lie in. Usually I wake up before my alarm on a weekend but I use it just to make sure I don’t sleep to long and waste too much of the morning.

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I like @Jude‘s answer. I set an alarm. I get up, stand in my place and jog a little, jump up and down. That’s about it.

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I wake up immediately when the alarm goes off. I then wake up my daughter and get her in the shower, then make my bed. Next is getting the coffee pot going and getting my daughter’s lunch ready. Once she’s off to school I take the dogs out and let them run around for a bit while I drink some coffee. Then I drink more coffee throughout the morning while I multitask by doing some housework and getting on the computer for a bit.

I guess you could say I’m a morning person. I do love the mornings when they aren’t rushed. I like to sleep in on the weekends and make a breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast for the family.

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I should mention that the being “quiet” thing in the early a.m. over here is not just about my geese going off, it is that if they do, it starts a chain reaction of every farm critter on this mountain. They start shrieking, sets off the donkeys and sheep and mules next door, roosters all around the hill and dogs and every other damn thing that neighs, brays, baaas, honks, crows, barks. It is DEAFENING! Talk about slicing through the silence of a mountain morning. lol

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Alarm goes off, or rather, radio goes on. I lie there for ten or twenty minutes, then get up and take my shower and brush my teeth, get dressed, take my pills, and head off to work.

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I wake up in the morning feeling like Pdiddy.

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I wake up on my own. It doesn’t take much to get out of bed and this because I hate the second when I realize I am awake so I try to get out of bed really fast.

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I typically wake up right before my alarm goes off, and I lay there, dreading its imminent intrusion.
When it does go off, I’ll hook my heel on the side of my mattress and use that and my arm to lever myself out of bed – helps to shake off the sleepies. Then I either regret not going to bed earlier (grogginess and sore muscles ftw!) or I don’t.
After that it’s breakfast, clothes, and a mad dash to work.

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If I have somewhere to be, I set my alarm (no snooze) and give myself about 3 hours to “get ready.” I like to lay in bed after the alarm goes off, lounge, maybe do some yoga. Not to mention my incredibly simplified primping routine still takes quite a while.

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I don’t set an alarm because for whatever reason I wake up about 4 hours before I have to be anywhere and my head and body generally feels like it has been worked over with a sock full of dominoes so I’ll lay in bed for about 5–15 minutes before getting up and making coffee, showering, etc. After the initial shock of waking up I usually get to feeling pretty good but it just sucks in the first of the morning.

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I have an alarm clock that only gives me 30 minutes of snooze time before it cuts off the snooze option. The alarm clock connects to a lamp and when it goes off, the light flashes (no sound).
I’m not a morning person at all and it takes me a while to wake up, so I do hit snooze for about 30 minutes then actually get up because I know the option’s no longer there. For back-up, I have my phone’s alarm set on vibrate under my pillow.

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I wake up by setting 3–4 alarms to go off consecutively within 5 minutes of each other. I lurch out of bed, drink anything close by, and then usually check Fluther. I’m a night Person.
This way of waking up doesn’t change for the weekdays/weekends, unless a friend is dragging me off early to parts unknown.

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With my alarm clock in my ear and the coffee pot gurgling in the kitchen.

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Our dogs and my mother are our alarms. She wakes up first and makes coffee which lets the dogs know to start harfing and whining for their breakfast.

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My dad comes and knocks on my door around 6:20 or 6:30 and I lay there until about 6:40 and then I finally start getting ready.

It’s better than last year, when I would have him wake me up twice, then go to sleep a third time, wake myself up and get ready at 6:50!

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To the sunrise, of course.

Most of the days I set an alarm on my phone. It’s not as unpleasant as my previous phone, but it’s still unpleasant enough getting up into a sheet of cold air.

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I set one alarm and don’t snooze. After it goes off I go take a shower.

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These days I can get up whenever the hell I want, although I try to stick to a schedule because waking up late is kind of depressing. I usually roll out around 9:30. Now that the sun is setting ridiculously early I’ll probably try and push my sleep schedule back earlier to maximize hours of daylight…

I wake up with my cat on me usually, which is the best way to wake up.

During high I used to get up at 6. My snoozing habits got steadily worse with time…freshman year I’d hit it once and that’s it; by senior year I was setting my clock 15 minutes earlier than I really needed to be up so that I could snooze at least three times. Haha

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I wake up slowly engaging with whatever is happening on the radio or tape I put on the Night before, or when my bladder is about to burst whichever occurs first. Then I take my meds and after about 20 minutes I am back asleep. I emerge from drug induced coma about 10:30. I’ve tried backing up when I go to bed with hopes of waking earlier to no avail. I toss and turn and never fall asleep before 2 to 3 am

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I’ll answer that with an ancient riddle (circa 1972): if a light sleeper sleeps with a light on, how does a hard sleeper sleep…?

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I wake up on my own without an alarm. My body just seems to know that it has to wake up at 8 on work days, but can sleep until noon on weekends. When I get up on workdays, I do so grumbling and cursing…

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I have no issues waking up, even when I have to get up earlier I just tell myself I need to get up and I will be up at that time. I will sometimes set an alarm when I have to get up extra just in case but I am always up about 2 to 3 minutes before it goes off.

All I like is a nice cup of coffee and time to enjoy it then I am off to get the kids and myself dressed.

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One eye at a time.

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@tom_g I sympathize.

Since I am a student and only employed part-time, how I wake up in the morning is dependent upon what day of the week it is. On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays my mobile alarm goes off at 8:10 AM and I proceed to eat a light breakfast, change clothes, and head for the bus stop. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, I wake up whenever I wake up, usually fall back asleep or grab my laptop and putter about online. Eventually, I’ll get out of bed to eat something and then begin my reading / homework assignments. Saturday, I wake up when I wake up and then start packing to spend the weekend at my Significant Other’s house. Sunday is also a sleep in day, but with more snuggling.

Usually, my body knows when to wake up though. The alarm on workdays is a backup because I have, on occasion, slept in on accident.

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I’m one of those people everyone else loves to hate- a morning person. I live in Ohio, though, so I do have more of a problem in the late fall/winter. I actually sleep until 8:00 sometimes! ;0)

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45 minutes before work, unless it’s my day off. I set the days-off alarm for 10am, unwilling to lose more day than that.
If I’m well-rested, I have no trouble getting up. But otherwise I dread it.

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I have a different answer now… I wake up at 6 every morning, without the clock. If I don’t need to be awake, I doze until I have to wake up. I have no clue why my body has changed.

Some mornings, I still sleep in, but not as hard or long as I used to, just 3 months ago. Weird.

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I don’t wake up in the morning. I wait until lunch.

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Via screaming 2 week old ;|

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Doesn’t matter to me, I can be a night owl or a morning person, all depends on what’s going on, job hours, etc. If I have to get up, I have to get up, guess it sucks to be me. (All though, if I have a opportunity to sleep in, I will certainly take advantage of it). A cup of coffee and tell my wife goodbye with a kiss, and I’m good to go, Until I hit the morning traffic, or encounter dumb ass deer in the back road I take to work, then I’m cussing like a trooper the rest of my commute.

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