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If one kept a daily account of how much unpaid services that they provide for themselves, in a day, what would the total be?

Asked by talljasperman (21837points) October 28th, 2011

Say one brushes ones own teeth, cooks ones own food, and lists ones unpaid services to oneself what would the daily total work out to be if one outsourced ones life’s chores and activities to another person. What would the most expensive service one can provide to one’s self? What about the community? What would a persons balance sheet look like then? Feel free to include every activity that can be outsourced… like answering questions, motivating oneself to go to work on time, reading and writing everything that one encounters on a daily basis (stop signs and dinner menus etc.)

Topics: accounting, outsourcing, humor, wealth, value, personal economics

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A whole lot. Good thing I don’t have to pay myself!

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Not a lot. I’m pretty lazy.

Also, why did you list your topics in the description?

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@erichw1504 Just in case personal economics isn’t an acceptable topic.

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@talljasperman Also add some to the cost every time you use a skill or talent to the final total.

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How about if we look at it from the other direction and eliminate all the non-billable hours that cannot be outsourced. A quick daily breakdown averaged for a week might look like:
Sleeping: 8
Eating: 2
Enjoying computer surfing emailing and fluther: 2
Bathroom (waste elimination only): 0.25
Sex: 0.25
Visiting friends and personal phone calls: 0.50
Total time that cannot be outsourced: 13 hours per day .
That leaves 11 hours of outsourceable, billable activities.
Figure $20 /hour for most of the normal, low skill activities: food prep, cleaning, wood stove tending, car maintenance. 8.0 per day x $20/hr = $160
Higher skilled repairs and service .0.5 x $80/hr = $40
Since paid time should not be included the total becomes:
$200×365 = $73,000 per year.

I’d gladly outsource some of the lower level work for more sex time.

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Jesus, I’m worth about a gazillion in the domestic market. Not only did I raise a child and tend to a house and husband forever, but, I maintain my own house now on 5 acres with farm pets.

I do have a small stable of helpers, by god I’ve earned it! haha

No wonder I impress so many city slicker men, mountain women do it best!

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Without an established market value on some of those things it would be tough to even estimate. If you do a lot of good home repairs you’d be worth your weight in gold.

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I was sorta thinking about this earlier while making my breakfast, since I was thinking I might just wait until I got to work to have a breakfast burrito. It’s so much cheaper athome:

1 large corn with flax tortilla – 35 cents
I x large organic omega 3 egg – 40 cents
small bit of cheese – 25 cents
two strips of turkey bacon – 20 cents
add miscellaneous butter, etc.- 20 cents
cup of coffee, Peets, Major Dickinsons Blend, home brewed – 40 cents
Total – $ 1.80

At work:
Breakfast burrito – 4.95
Small coffee from Peets – 1.80

Savings at home – 4.95

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All of those things are basically unskilled labour. What’s minimum wage?

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There is no such thing as unskilled labor when it comes to the myriad of things involved in keeping the “average” family and home running smoothly. All tasks are of equal value, if one is coming from an enlightened perspective.

The old mantra of a housewife being worth about 200k a year for all the “services” she provides is true!

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A lot but since I never keep track of these I’d say not that much.

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@Coloma it was about for oneself. A housewife does for the whole family not only for her :P I could say I worth a lot because I do a lot of services fro friends but it’s not int he oneself limit :P

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@zensky Minimum wage in NY is the same as the US Federal minimum wage: $7.25 an hour. Shamefully low. No wonder it is difficult to find employees willing to work at that rate. It’s lower than welfare public assistance.
I pay $20 per hour for short term unskilled work to people I can trust and work as expected. I pay many times that for skilled work if the person is a professional and has a skill that I need for a particular project: circuit design, design work, engineering, patent work. At that price I can be selective and get really good people.

@Coloma I’ve seen that number, too, and always wondered what all the “services” included. How much can I charge for the time my head is in motion under the covers or do we just exclude that and figure it’s tit-for-tat?

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Well, obviously nobody really keeps score, IF they are in a relatively “healthy” relationship. But yeah, a live in nanny, housekeeper, cook, pet sitter, gardener, social planner, nurse, psychologist, personal assistant, chauffeur and call girl is gonna cost a pretty penny. lol

Feel free to charge for your handyman and gigalo services. haha

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I stand by what I said: people who work as non-licensed care-givers will make minimum wage and will basically do the menial labour that is described above. I raised my two kids, and though I consider myself a good dad, I don’t think that you need any special skills to clean, cook and brush teeth.

I don’t think you mean “mantra” Coloma, as that has an entirely different meaning; and a housewife, or house-husband isn’t worth 200,000 dollars a year – any way you slice it.

As a single father, if I make 200k a year, then I am worth exactly that – and a father. What rubbish.

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My sharings are based on the hourly or weekly “cost” of services mentioned, those that apply to every wife/husband/ room mate etc. and DO have a monetary value, not that it is ever really applied, but it certainly COULD be.

ANYTHING one benefits from in any relationship, that they do not have to do for themselves is a GIFT, and if assigned a monetary value, it adds up quickly.

The going rate for my gardener is $160 a month, so, if I had a boyfriend that mowed my lawn for “free”, I’d certainly apply what value I was deriving from his effort.

No rubbish about it.

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Muchos dineros senor. Centenares de pesos a dia!

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Ola esse :)

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Well I guess the thing that I do that someone else would charge a lot for would be ‘stroking one out’ seeing as I’m married my wife has the monopoly on that!

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