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Your longest break from Fluther?

Asked by Jude (32134points) October 28th, 2011

I noticed a jelly pop in today who has been around for a year. :)

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Haven’t had mine as yet.
Okay, definitely addicted.

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I think about a month. Fluther was getting stale for me for some reason. But then I started having withdrawals and had to come back!

Fluther is like crack.

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^^ “had” or “hadn’t”?

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*meant to say, “who hadn’t been around”. I need more coffee.

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I wasn’t on as much during the last holiday season because I got a temporary second job. I kind of miss it, actually. I might try to go back for this season, too. I quit after the season because it got slow. They didn’t really need me and I wanted to enjoy some part of the Summer because I literally had no days off.

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About 9 days in July, 2010, when we went to NO, LA.

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Several months in 2009 I think.

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A 2 week suspension last Jan./Feb. for too many off topic faux paus and a bit of pissiness.

I’m coming up on 2 years here in mid-March. I have long joked about stumbling across Fluther while web surfing in a recovery state from severe jet lag from an overseas vacation.

Longest case of jet lag known to man. lol

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A couple of months, last year or earlier this year, I’m not sure but I take occasional breaks of a week to ten days.

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8 or 9 days while off on vacation. I haven’t needed a break yet.

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Two weeks while on a vacation with no computer, blackberry, smartphone, or iPad.

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About 2 weeks (when I was abroad and busy all day every day). I have never felt the need or desire to take a break.

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I think maybe two or three months a couple of years ago.

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About two years.
From April 2009 until June 2011.

That’s just going off of questions asked.
I probably popped in sporadically for PMs and quips.

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Who hasN’t been for an year ...

I believe my longest break was half a day. Like I said .. if I decide not to visit it I won’t bother to come back.

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I’ve had times of lesser involvement and greater involvement as my interest and free time wax and wane but no deliberate breaks. I did lay low for a while after pd left though.

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None yet.
I am planning a sabbatical when i travel to high five the Dalai Lama.

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A week maybe, usually when I’m on vacation, out of town or my days off.

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Usually I will break for a day or two when I have a big deadline or project due. I’m hooked. It’s a nice diversion.

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I think it was about half a year between when I joined and when I came back… Don’t know if that actually qualifies as a break, since I was far from addicted and didn’t really know anyone except former wis.dmers.

Since then, I’ve had a few “breaks” here and there, where I either don’t log in at all for maybe a week, or I just lurk a lot for a while.

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Just a few weeks here and there for holidays and trips away.

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maybe couple of days, don’t know, doesn’t matter.

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Almost a month now….

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I had a “break” of sorts for almost 2 months just this August/Sept/Oct because I turned the Internet at home off for a while. I would pop in for 10 minutes every few days, but nothing substantial.

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Once for three days while my computer was being serviced and once for a week or so when I went to visit my son in Sweden. Otherwise, I’m here every day.

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There have been two times I got fed up with the censorship and the flame wars, but I came back both times. This place is just so addictive :-p

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I signed up and then didn’t participate much for a while. I can’t tell you how long exactly, but those would be my only biggest breaks. Since then I’ve been addicted.

I didn’t pop in very often at all during the two months I was at college, though, come to think of it.

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A couple months here and there during my almost 3 years here. Some because I wasn’t in the mood to play participate, others because we didn’t have internet.

good to see ya @Cruiser =)

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I’ve never taken an official “break” but there have been intervals a couple months long where I haven’t been that active. Haven’t had one in a while though.

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I’m kinda on a break now. I pop in every day, but don’t participate much…except for parties and maybe answer one or two post. Sigh!

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About a week when I went to Oregon for a wedding, then moved into my retirement place.
I do occasionally consider taking a break, but this is a terrible addiction.

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@jonsblond ;) good to see ya too!

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Last year on Summer, pretty much all of Summer, with some random drive by postings. Got pretty busy.


When I went on holidays to Florida for more than 2 weeks last March.

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I’m not a big believer in “breaks”. You’re either on or you’re not.

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@Blondesjon Yeah. and when you’re not, it’s a break. :P

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don’t start with me woman . . .

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LOL you guys are awesome. :D

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About a month.

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I didn’t visit very often during the summer. I’m rarely ever home during those 3 months, usually either attending a camp or working at one.

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I left for about a year one time.

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I just came back from having left for a really long time, not sure exactly how long though, somewhere between half a year and a year probably.

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3 minutes. Nature calls.

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I took a 10 month break from here until tonight 11/11/11. I tried Sodahead for the same amount of time, then I left it to avoid smashing my monitor. Unlike here politics is more popular on there (SH) but unforntunately the RWNJ’s on there know very little about poltics and political history, but they are great at swarming and calling you names when you challenge them however.

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@Paradox25 LOL. Sodahead is brutal. It’s like being repeatedly whacked in the head with a big, hard rubber mallet, unless you’re as big a right wing nut case as most of the rest of them are.

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@lillycoyote I don’t mind discussing a political topic with somebody that has an opposing opinion from mine but when you get blocked and can’t respond to attacks against you or vote on a biased poll it sucks. Getting swarmed by as many as 30 RWNJ’s calling you all types of names such as commie, Marxist, traitor (I’m a veteran that comes from a military family) it kind of sucks that I’m on this side of the computer. I was even called a Marxist fascist commie in one shot, oxymoron? Not on Sodahate it seems. I would hardly call myself a ‘liberal’ but I guess I dissented on too many issues for their own good and the ‘moderation’ works one way on there.

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Oh man. Just imagining it. What fun! They resort to calling names? Wow. One could just wipe up with them (although they probably wouldn’t even know it), just by noting how little reasoning there is for their politics since they can’t construct a coherent argument. Sounds so delightful. No thanks though. That’s an acquired taste, I think.

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@wundayatta I can reactivate my account at any time on Sodahead. There are still alot of decent people on there and I made some close ‘internet’ friends on there. I tried to get some of them to come here (most of my friends were left of center) but for some reason they didn’t want to come here. I did eliminate many of those in my group due to vile comments and attacks on others. After that I learnt to become a bit more careful who I kept company with on there.

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