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How can I see and stay in contact with her?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) October 28th, 2011

Well like the title says, how can I keep in touch with my S.O? Last night she came over to my house and we fell asleep (it was almost 10 PM or so) And her dad came by to pick her up, and I guess was mad about that…Took away her phone and her laptop, and is now banned to go to my house… I guess we could all say that this is sort of like my incident I had with the movies and not having my phone on, and my mom not having me be able to go to her house anymore…But back on topic! All of that happened…and now we can’t see each other…Not really even at school since the only time we see each other is at lunch (like 25–30 minutes or so) before school (15–20 minutes ) and after (varies on who’s picking me up…but it’s not very long) we don’t have any classes together and we only go the same way 2 times out of the whole schedule we have…It makes us both sad since we wanted to hang out for Halloween… But I see that won’t happen anymore…We now have no contact with each other…And I don’t want anything to happen to her… Oh and also, her parents never gave her a curfew, so they basically grounded her for nothing, and also considering when they say grounded they don’t give a specific time…Right now she’s still “grounded” from her parents long long ago! And I think it’s an unfair thing to do…But how can we have it so we can see and stay in contact with each other? What should I say to my mom so that I’m able to go to her house…?

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