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If you had the time and resources to learn or acquire one skill or craft, which would you learn and why?

Asked by jca (36043points) October 29th, 2011

You have time to learn or acquire one skill or craft, and learn to do it very well. What would you like to learn and why?

For myself, I would love to learn how to upholster, and my second choice would be learning how to sew for crafts and clothes.

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I very much want to learn quilting. Anything where I take little pieces of something and make them into a larger thing appeals to me for some reason, like stained glass or mosaics.

Second choice, learning how to can food. I want a huge garden in the next few years and that would help a lot.

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I would learn how to paint portraits like Sargent. Because I feel it is my destiny to paint like that someday.

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@Dog I get “403 Forbidden” when I click on your link.

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Now does it work?

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Yep. That’s an amazing painting, too. I can see why that would be a goal. :)

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Psychic teleportation through time. Just because.

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@Dog: She is really disproportionally leggy. Too much body from waist to floor…perhaps she’s wearing Jimmy Chou’s.

Over several decades I taught myself how to sew, knit, crochet, do needlepoint, make rugs, quilt, refinish furniture, stencil, do d├ęcoupage and use decorative paint on old furniture.

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Which craft? Witchcraft.
(get it? it’s a pun)

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Wood turning

Since it’s only one, glassblowing is at the top of the list. It’ll take a while to build up enough skill to do the stuff I want to do. I just like the way glass flows. I like the idea of blowing to make it turn into what you want it to be. I like the beautiful translucent colors you can create.

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Master stone setting. With this advanced skill, I could set the stones in jewelry pieces I can make from my own designs.

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To play the piano.

or To speak Spanish.

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Play the piano. We have an electronic keyboard piano that no one knows how to play. We originally bought it for my grandson, when he enrolled in piano class at college, but he did not learn how to play.

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Master-level wood-working. I’m pretty good with the basics, but I’d love to fully know what the hell I’m doing.

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Welding. I’d make some cool sculptures & lots of useful household projects.

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Carpentry. I know the basics and how to make different things but I want to learn how to model the wood.

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Play drums, but I suppose the learning curve would make my wife crazy,and the dogs.

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I just recently learned how to crochet and I’d like to learn how to knit.

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To knit. I know several women who knit, and they all love it and rave about how relaxing it is. I, of course, am so incredibly uncoordinated that when I tried to learn I could do nothing correctly and had to cry uncle. I would love to learn how. My brain couldn’t seem to tell my hands how to behave independently of each other. I think that it may be that I need a teacher just for myself. The group just wasn’t focused on teaching each individual person.

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Aside from my professional goals? I’m intrigued by blown glass.

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Hmmmm….how do I turn myself into glass? :-p

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I would love to learn to play the harp.

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@bobbinhood, what an interesting idea! Why the harp? Have you always wanted to learn?

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[NSFW] @bobbinhood – Here’s a harp I’d like to play :-p

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@GracieT It’s just so beautiful and soothing. It’s a unique instrument that takes a surprising amount of skill to play. For whatever reason, it just speaks to me, and I would love to make music on it.

@HungryGuy *shakes head

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A foreign language.

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