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When was the last time you carved a jack-o-lantern?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34205points) October 30th, 2011

My daughters and I carved one tonight and set it on the front porch with it’s evil glowing grin and deathly eyes reflecting onto the eaves.


What have you done for Halloween?

I don’t expect any trick or treaters since I live on a major road. Do you still get them at your house?

What’s the holiday like for you?

Do you enjoy it? Do you like watching scary movies? Which ones?

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This is my favorite month, thanks to Halloween (my favorite holiday). We watch scary movies all month long. We watched 3 tonight (watching The Blair Witch Project at the moment).

We are doing the carving tomorrow, along with trick-or-treating, then again on Monday.

We live on a farm, so no beggars for us. That’s ok though, because we wouldn’t be home. We’ll be out getting candy.

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I usually carve pumpkins and do a little fall/Halloween decorating every year, even if the kids aren’t with me for the holiday. Not so, this year, for some reason. Just can’t seem to get excited about it, I guess. And it snowed here today. A lot!

We get very few trick-or-treaters, if any, because we, too, live on a major road in the one block of residential housing in the midst of a business district. We always have candy, just in case, but we often get no knocks at all. :(

We love scary movies, and watch them year ‘round, but we do get to see quite a few more in October. Watched Quarantine II tonight. It was good!

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Never. I don’t take part in the satanic, dark lord worshiping ritual that is Halloween.

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Never. I don’t live in a country where Halloween is celebrated but I want to! It all sounds like such fun. Pumpkin lanterns, dressing up, scary movies, lollies, community events and of course not to mention naked dancing, witchy brews, broom flying (always handy when the owners of your national carrier decide to ground all their planes), pointy hat wearing! Wow… I am moving to the US! Well at least for Halloween.

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I never did one :D I never seem to be in the presence of a pumpkin in October. It has no meaning but I wish sometimes I can do it.

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A few hours ago… It’s wicked cute :)

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I never have :(

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The last time I carved one was a few years ago.

This is the first time that I have lived here. There are a lot of children outside playing every day so I think I will have trick or treaters. Usually, I dress up and put a costume on the dog too.

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Not for years. I can’t stand the smell of the pumpkin once it’s cut open, so I usually just draw a face on it and someone else carves it for me. This year, though, we didn’t even get pumpkins!

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It’s been a really long time since I did a standard Jack-O-Lantern, like with a face, but I carved a pumpkin year before last. With the physics club at school. I carved a Bohr model atom.

I haven’t done anything for Halloween in a while. The timing of it is such that I haven’t been around friends for the holiday for several years. Mom and I watched 1408 and Disturbia last night though. Meh.

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Maybe 15–20 years. I love it and Halloween is my favorite holiday but I’ve been working most of them past the time people would come by the house to enjoy them. I guess I could now, just have to get out of the habit of thinking it’s not important since it’s something I really would like.

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Man, you guys are party poopers :(

I carved one just yesterday. Some people in my frat carved them as decorations for the party we had last night. Yes, some of them were jokes, but most people just did a face of some sort. I did my usual cat-head shape. :P

Growing up, my family and I would each carve a pumpkin and put them out on Halloween; did that all the way up until I was a senior in high school.

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I love Halloween. I’ve carved at least one pumpkin every year of my life that I can recall. I don’t have kids, but we go over to my brother and SIL’s house to go trick or treating with my 6 year old nephew. It’s very funny to see 7 adults trailing a little kid (both sets of grandparents, Mom and Dad and me, the Auntie). We take turns staying at their house to hand out candy.

We went to a “fall festival” at his school on Friday. It bums me out that they’re not allowed to call it a Halloween Carnival, like they did when I was a kid, even though everything was all about Halloween. I was so excited that they had a cake walk and a fishing booth. The only thing they didn’t have, which was kind of a bummer, was a bake sale. A lot of schools don’t allow bake sales because of the likelihood of nuts inadvertently ending up in the cookies and brownies and fudge (I’m drooling just remembering looking at all the baggies filled with goodies and agonizing over which one to choose). And it was kind of funny, that none of the cakes were homemade, they were all purchased (but at least they could check the ingredients list, which is a good thing). My Mom used to make a cake every year for the cake walk at my elementary school and so did everybody else’s Mom.

I like scary movies like Poltergeist and Paranormal Activity, but not slasher movies or guesome movies, and I never cared for the formulaic movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th. I’ll take a good mystery over a blood drenching any night. I used to love to watch Night Gallery and Circle of Fear when I was a kid. There was never a drop of blood shown, but those shows scared the beejezus out of me and my brother.

I’m carving my pumpkin tonight and I will also be roasting the seeds. So yummy!

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I carved a pumpkin tonight, but I still don’t know how it came out, since I left the carvings in the pumpkin so it will stay wet and not wilt before tomorrow night, when I expect close to a thousand people to see it.

I carve a pumpkin every year, and my kids are really into it, as well. My son tried to do Voldemort, but was not happy with the result. My daughter did Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I googled “wide happy person” and got this. I based a drawing on the picture and carved my punkin.

It’s fun. It’s my favorite part of Halloween.

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Everyone who carved one (or more) this year, you should post pics!

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This is 2009. 2011 will come soon.

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These are mine from ‘09.

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And here is a set from 2011. I have uploaded the inspiration for my pumpkin this year, as well. Lot’s of fun!

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@wundayatta Yours always come out great! I remember that George Bush pumpkin. :D

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Here’s ours

My daughter carved her 1st pumpkin all on her own. It’s on the right

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@wundayatta Ooh, is your daughter’s Jack Skellington? I’m lovin’ all these pics, guys!

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@Mariah I forget the name. But it’s definitely from a movie. Yeah. He definitely looks like that. I mean, the pumpkin looks like Skellington was the inspiration.

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