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Compost problem with walnut?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) October 30th, 2011

A few days ago I found a mound of derelict wood scraps and shavings near a neighbour’s land. I asked if I could use them and was granted the request. I put about 1 full layer of the shavings on my compost heap (It looked and smelled perfect for it; and my neighbour suggested that they would be excellent for the compost).
Then, after the rush of enthusiasm, I realised that maybe I’d just abundantly fed my compost with Walnut shavings. I’ve come to learn that walnut is actually harmful to the plants around it. We had a small walnut smack in the middle of a section of our garden and the vegetables around it perished eventually because of the sour soil it had created. Will this cause a (terminal) problem to my dearest, beloved compost?
I smelled it before adding it, and I was convinced it was not walnut. The leaves and some young trees around the heap were, though, indeed walnut.

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Do you know the type of walnut tree? From what I’ve read, only black walnut trees produce the juglone that can create problems.

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@bkcunningham No, actually I don’t know which type. I’ll se if I can get someone to identify it for me in the local term, then translate it.

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Black walnut produces an extremely acidic natural herbicide that kills anything that grows near it. We had a volunteer black walnut sprout out and it killed all of the peonies and bulbs that were planted there before.

I hope that didn’t go into your compost.

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Yes, I live in an area with a lot of black walnut trees and if that is the case, do your best to remove the material.

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I had a walnut tree in a back yard in New Zealand. I loved the thing, but the neighbours ringed it, trying to kill it. They were not successful. The advice I got at the time was do not compost ANY part of a walnut tree. Sorry….

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