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So, who's what for halloween?

Asked by Ayesha (6213points) October 30th, 2011

What have you decided? What’re your plans?
Tell us all about it!!

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Watching the San Diego Chargers game baby! Let’s go Bolts! Oh yeah and passing out candy to all the kids in the neighborhood.

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I’m going to be home functioning as the Candyman for Holloweenie, so don’t say my name more than two consecutive times, OR I’LL CUT OFF YOUR candy supply.

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I will be a ‘panicking law student’ because I have an exam the next morning. It may not seem like a very frightening outfit, but I dare you to disturb me or steal from my motivational food stash.

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I’ll be ringing the doorbells of the 3 or 4 closest neighbors, dropping candy off and maybe having a little wine – or Bailey’s. There are no kids of the right age on the road any more so we rarely get trick or treaters now. Country roads are not lucrative enough. Not when “suburbia’ is only 1.5 miles away. .

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I’m working the graveyard shift, that’s about as exciting it’s going to get around here, all the kids have gone from my street now.. ‘Pheww’ so no late callers begging for sweets; Disturbing my piece & quiet….. I might get some ironing done Lol…….

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I’m being an Indian and going trick or treating with a couple of people. It’s gonna be super fun! :-)

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I was going as a spider, but I decided to go as a flapper girl from the Roaring 20’s. :)

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15 inches of snow here. The snowplow guy is here right now, spending my hard-earned dollars. I thought I’d have a few weeks between lawn mowing bills and snow season. It seems not.

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I will be a disgruntled asshole, as usual. :)

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Benjamin Franklin. HOLLA

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I’m giving out candy. I’ll prolly eat a bit of it. >_>

I also plan to murder a buncha people.

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@Symbeline Do you want some help?? ;)

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If I’m not lazy tonight after work then I might put together a zombie getup to wear to work tomorrow. Now that I have a man in the house, there are plenty of chewed looking old clothes I can rummage.~

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Work, eat, shower & hopefully poop at least once today. I’ve been eating a lot of cheese. Then I’m going to hang out with people, most likely the people that are in my apartment. We are not having a Halloween party. It is more of a “nerd fest”. My significant other is the biggest nerd here and the organizer. Yes, fun times must be organized. Happy Halloween.

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We already had one Halloween event, my husband’s work has dress up and a candy walk/parade for the employee children. My grandson’s went as Power Rangers in costumes I found at the second hand store for $3 each, and I went as a fortune teller. Hubby wore a darling wolf hat I bought in San Francisco.

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My wife and I went to a couple parties last night. I was Thomas Jefferson and she was Sally Hemings.

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Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.

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I’ll be a teacher by day and a student by night. (grumbling) Prof won’t cancel class so I can trick n’ treat with my daughter.

I’m spending the day as myself. I’m scary and weird enough >:-D

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