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What would you do with a new planet?

Asked by flutherother (27083points) October 30th, 2011

Imagine if a new Earth were discovered behind the sun that was identical to our world in every way except it has no apes, monkeys or man. It is unspoiled. Travel there and back is feasible and it is up to you how it will be developed. What would you do with it?

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Brand new garbage dump, jsut fly everything there. Hopefully it isn’t Galifrey.

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I would leave the whole thing as a giant park that people could visit and vacation.

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Learn about the species that were extinct on earth…then make the whole planet a giant protected park like @marinelife ‘s idea. I might be tempted to put a telescope or two on the planet for the parts of the sky Earth one can’t see. Also the planet could be a back up in case ours goes kaput.

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I’d stay here and help think of way how to protect that planet from ending up like this one.

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Leave it alone till we figure out how to control ourselves where ruining the environment is concerned.

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Start colonizing it immediately. Right now all our “eggs” are in one very fragile “basket” which is a tenuous position for the human race to be in. There are a handful of natural disasters (such as a stray asteroid, or super volcano) that could render us extinct…destroy everything the human race has accomplished so far…completely erase all the art and science we’ve created and learned. Yes, we should take care not to damage the environment as we’ve done to Earth, but refusing to populate the new planet is tantamount to self-genocide.

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If the earth that you describe was in the location you describe, I’d have to rethink the entire opus of modern physics.

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@gailcalled – This is true. But for the sake of what if discussion, it’s a worthwhile topic.

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It is; feel free.

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Thanks for your answers so far. @gailcalled why would physics have to be rethought?

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No earth clone in our solar system under present day laws of physics.

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This planet is in an identical orbit to that of the Earth at the exact same distance from the sun and with the same tilt to its axis but at the opposite side of the sun at all times. That is why it has been so hard to find. Preposterous I know but it requires no change to the laws of physics.

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I love monkeys. A world without monkeys? I’m not sure I would like that. Why no monkeys? But, what would I do with the planet? It’s up to me? I would do what @marinelife would do, make it a giant park. If it’s a pristine planet like Earth, I wouldn’t let my fellow humans ruin it, pave it over, like they are in the process of doing to this beautiful planet.

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There are no monkeys or apes as they tend to evolve into Man, but we could introduce a few if you like. Maybe we could even transport endangered tribes from the Amazon rain forest to the New Amazon as they can live in harmony with nature.

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I would send Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld there, where they could “rule the world” to their hearts’ content without having to needlessly kill tens of thousand of people this time.

If they got out of hand (and they would), we could just fly a few apes out there to straighten things out…

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