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Did you notice Dr J (is that his name?) is wearing a halloween costume?

Asked by Bellatrix (21254points) October 30th, 2011

How very dapper he looks too. Just thought I would mention this.

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He does look quite handsome. He could bite my neck any time!

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Fangs for drawing my attention to that, I hadn’t noticed.

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Maybe his new name is Count J.

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I noticed it earlier today. Looking quite dapper indeed!

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No, I didn’t notice. thanks for pointing that out.

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Oh cool! Saving that one for later, I have his regular look too.

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Jelly Lugosi has reappeared for the season, I have a couple of funny little marks on my neck…and I do believe that’s my O Negative dripping from his fangs!!!

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No, I hadn’t notice him, Jellula. He does look dapper and seems to have just a little more spring in his step than usual.

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We thought her dying whilst she slept, and sleeping when she died.


And yeah I noticed, saw that last night. He was floating outside my window.

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“My flesh answered the pinching test, and my eyes were not to be deceived. I was indeed awake and among the Flutherinians.”

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Grin!! Vanks for pointing that out! I didn’t notice! Well this little guy
<<< matches him in red and black!

A thought though… where’s our occasional Some_Ghost? He should have been all over here…

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So funny you should mention @Some_Ghost. It is one of my favourite jellies. I was also wondering if it (is it a he or a she ghost?) will make a Halloween appearance. I think it is very sweet.

Perhaps we should have a seance? Does anyone have a Ouija board?

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@Bellatrix It looks like the last time @Some_Ghost made an appearance was about a week ago, on this thread, but the thread was something I think he may have taken very personally.

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No! No! I will go and look. I love Some_Ghost. Such a cute little fellow.

Oh my. What a horrible question for the little ghost to experience. I hope it is okay. I completely missed that thread. Thank you for bringing it to my attention @lillycoyote.

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Yep – I love it when he does that. After evrul, it’s my fave time of the (Fluther) year.

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@Bellatrix Yes, I feel bad for him too. It must have been very traumatic for him to have encountered that question here. Maybe he’s just not up for a Halloween appearance. I don’t really blame him. A lot of people pretending to be ghosts, but none of them really understanding what he has to go through. It’s just a party, just make believe and fun and games to them.

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Yes I did, just like last year & probably beyond.
I still think he looks like Heinrich Himmler though, even more so, dressed as he currently is.

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uhh yes!!!!
and he looks so fu*king CUTE !!!!
I want to eat him:(

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Wasn’t he Dracula last year? I hope he at least washed it.

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Yep. He looks like a little kid trick or treating. Let’s give him some candy!
If I were in the Fluther mansion, I’d throw a party for all Jellies.

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Let’s flood Some_Ghost with PM’s and maybe he’ll come back, knowing he’s well liked! ;D

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That little librarian penguin is pretty cute.

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And isn’t it green of him to wear last year’s outfit without complaining. At least his waistline has remained the same. (That is his waistline?)

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lol, I had not noticed until you mentioned it – very cute!

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You know what it’s like to be ripped from the Netherworld through the means of a seance? Huh, huh?

I kid of course, and I enjoy making a Halloween appearance, even more so when I’m in demand. :)

But you know folks, Halloween isn’t quite the same for me as it is for the living…still, it’s the one night I can wander down the street, and not have folks scream and run away in terror when they see me.

Happy Halloween to all!

PS; I’ll give those Ghostbusters somethin’ fierce!

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BOO! seemed appropriate

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It’s standard, but there’s a reason for that. It works!

JilltheTooth's avatar

Yeah, it does…I’m typing this from under the couch…

Some_Ghost's avatar

In my case, I have to admit, it’s a lot easier to get it to work…

JilltheTooth's avatar

Yeah, that whole “instantaneous appearance” thing coupled with that cool anti-grav trick really helps, huh?

Some_Ghost's avatar

Yeah, it’s kind of like being a visible, non smelly fart.

JilltheTooth's avatar

Go ahead, suck all the romance right out of the concept… :-P

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Hey, it’s Halloween! Have to act a little freaky!

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