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How do I get old versions of Mac software?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11718points) October 30th, 2011

Specifically, iMovie and iPhoto. I liked the versions that came with my 2007 10.4 Macbook. I just got a new harddrive for it and it came with the new versions which I feel are far inferior. Can I download the old versions? Does anyone know what those versions are called?


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Uninstall them with the application manager, or whatever its called on a mac.

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Can you elaborate on how that would help, @XOIIO ?

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If you uninstall the old version, it isn’t isntalled.

It won’t be there anymore.

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iLife software is released in increments of years. If you liked the 2007 version of iPhoto and etc. Just go to ebay and buy iLife 2007.

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However you came to own the Macbook (bought new/used/given to), did it come with install discs? You should be able to re-install the software from those discs.

When you say, ‘got a new hard drive for it and it came with the new versions..’ what exactly do you mean? Did Apple replace the HD? How did the software get on the HD?

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@rpm_pseud0name My harddrive got fried so the computer repairman had to purchase and install a whole new harddrive. He said he “did all the updates” assuming it was what I wanted. That’s all I know!

You think I can reinstall just those things from the disk?

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Oh, fuck, I thought you said get rid of.

Torrent it.

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Depending on the discs you have, you should be able to put them in & you’ll be presented with an install window. From there you select which software you want to install. There is also a great application called, Pacifist, which will show you all the contents of any disc & let you install what you want.

If that doesn’t work… I’d contact the serviceman & ask that he replace the HD without the updates or provide you with replacement discs for the lost software. Looks like iLife 2006 still costs about $90 on Amazon… which is way too much. Especially since iLife2011 is only $38.

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@XOIIO Ha thanks for the clarification, I thought you were just being a wise guy!

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