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How dangerous is to workout after drinking alochol?

Asked by bobby78 (155points) October 30th, 2011

Usually I workout every morning, even when I get drunk, which is not that often.Recently a friend told me that’s like the worst thing for the heart, tell me your thoughts about this.

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It wouldn’t be bad the first time around. Practicing it though is detrimental to your liver.

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Are we talking about “drunk” or “drinking”?

I don’t know about the dangers… But the stupidity meter shoots up pretty high. Nothing like bench pressing an iron bar directly over the neck while intoxicated. That is… well… did I say stupid already? Yes, I think I said it was stupid… as in really fucking dumb.

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Now let me get this straight. You start the day by being totally drunk or you just drank last night and you feel somewhat dizzy?

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I think it depends a lot on when you did the drinking, how much you drank, and how you are feeling at the time when you go to workout. Drinking can cause dehydration, so if you aren’t drinking enough water while working out, that could be dangerous for you. If you are working out while completely drunk, then that adds a lot of dangers based on your mental status, your reaction time, and your coordination while drunk. What’s going on within your body (you heart, lungs, and liver for example) add other elements to it and varies a lot based on what you drank, how much you drank, and when you drank it.

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It isn’t the smartest thing to do, but you could get by if you only do it once or twice.

I used to work out with a buddy of mine every day, and at least one time (i think maybe 2–3) he had started drinking thinking we weren’t going to work out that day. Our mile warm up just about killed him, but he actually did better with bench press that day.

(I definitely wouldn’t work out while drunk though, my friend had just had a few beers)

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It’s not a big deal at all.

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You might want to discuss this with your doctor. He would know more about your overall physical condition than we would.

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It doesn’t sound like it is a good idea to physically workout while intoxicated. You may not be thinking clearly and possibly injure yourself with the exercise equipment or jogging in traffic, etc. Also your body is already stressed physiologically trying to detoxify and excrete the alcohol. Then at the same time you want to stress your body even more by physically working out?

Keep working out regularly but cool it with the booze and or other drugs.

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I did it through college. Nothing happened to me. But different people have different reactions to adverse things such as this. . .

If anything it made me feel better.

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