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Do you have pictures of Halloween decorations that you'd like to share?

Asked by Jeruba (51337points) October 30th, 2011

Actually I just asked because I love what Google did for Halloween and I just wanted to link to it.

Can you see the pumpkins and the video where you are? If not, YouTube has it—and it’s easier to see than on the Google search page.

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Great! Glad you’re weathering the surprise storm.

…but it can’t be daylight on the 31st yet in your neighborhood, can it? It’s still the 30th here.

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Yes, Google used to just have great graphics variations on their logo for “special occasions” but they’ve been doing some interesting things with video lately too. I imagine you saw it, but for the 100th anniversary of Lucille Ball’s birth, they had a little retro T.V. that played, I think, three or four classic I Love Lucy clips, including the chocolate factory one. I thought it was quite wonderful.

And, to answer your question, no, I don’t have any Halloween decoration pictures to share due to not having any Halloween decorations to take pictures of. I didn’t even have any kids come around tonight. Is that because Halloween fell on a Sunday night? It was very strange, not a single one. It was very unusual. I don’t know what happened. I now have a tremendous amount of candy that I am going to have eat all by myself. It think maybe I will put some it in my safe deposit box at the bank. :-) At least I won’t be able to get to it a night.

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@lillycoyote, don’t start eating yet! Halloween is tomorrow. The 31st. Monday.

time and date

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@Jeruba ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I lost a day in their somewhere, along with my mind. Somewhere, in some cosmic lost and found there is a day, my mind, my spare car keys, and an untold number of mismatched socks. LOL. No wonder there were no kids around tonight. I am now going to log off and drive to the state hospital and where I will have myself voluntarily committed. Let the kids know that I am leaving the candy in a bowl on the front porch and they are permitted to take two each. No more.

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Around 6:00 this evening my husband asked me if I wasn’t going to put the lighted pumpkin in the window and get out the candy bowl. “Yes,” I said. A few minutes later he asked me again. I said “Sure—but what’s the rush?”

“Won’t the kids be ringing the bell any minute?” he asked.

“Not till tomorrow,” I said.

He got this really funny look on his face. “Honey, tomorrow is Halloween,” I told him gently. “The thirty-first. Monday.” He mumbled “oh” and wandered away.

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@Jeruba Could you ask him to maybe wear a red carnation on his lapel, so I will know which one he is when when we are both committed?

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@Jeruba: Well, that was odd. I blame it on the dozens of mini-power outages I had to deal with yesterday. Every time the road crews checked a line, they turned the power off. When they moved on to another hot spot, they turned it back on.

I reset the clocks so many times, I must have crossed the international date line, going east to west.

@lillycoyote : Get a room with two beds and leave a mint on my pillow.

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All three of you really left me wondering. I checked the calendar, the newspaper, the computer date, my cellphone date—several times, in fact, since I was the one who seemed to be out of phase.

But no—the kids know. That’s their business. They have to know when Halloween is. No kid could hold his head up if he forgot Halloween. So we’ll see if they show up tonight.

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@Jeruba I’m sorry we made you question your sanity. I was thinking about you this morning. I thought: Poor Jeruba! In both her real life and her virtual life she is surrounded by people who don’t even know what day it is! What a terrible cross she has to bear; there’s no getting away from it for. All she can do now is log off the internet, kiss her husband goodnight and crawl into bed with a good book, where, if people don’t know what day it is, it’s not random and confusing, it’s because they are supposed to not know, it is a deliberate and conscious act on the part of the writer and part of the narrative and makes sense in that context; or she can work on her own writing, and her characters will be crazy or not at her bidding and her bidding alone; those are among her last remaining refuges.

And yes, the kids did show up tonight. You’re right. They can always be trusted to know exactly when Halloween is.

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Oh, woe, @lillycoyote. Your bucketloads of sympathy really made me feel sorry for myself, even while admiring your take on the beauty of fiction, and so I had a good wallow for a minute or two and then went and answered the doorbell again. About two dozen so far.

My son said he doesn’t like to go to the door for the trick-or-treaters: “Kids creep me out. They’re just like people, only little.”

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@Jeruba Woe is me! I seem to have made you both question your sanity and feel sorry for yourself. I am now going to log off and crawl under the nearest rock for a while. See you, @Jeruba, but I will be back once I get over feeling sorry for myself for making you feel sorry for yourself. That shouldn’t take too long :-)

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Gee, @lillycoyote, I thought you’d be pleased at how effective your words were. Don’t worry, I’m fine now. Are you?

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