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Why is the Super Bowl the most watched sporting event of the year?

Asked by zensky (13357points) October 31st, 2011

Football is arguably an elitist, awkward, difficult sport to master and frankly even to follow. Compared to soccer (or football to the rest of the world that isn’t the USA) it’s like comparing chess to checkers. There are so many positions which change for defence and offence, yardage is used (only the US still uses yards) and the equipment is expensive. There are all kinds of strange rules and signage for them – it’s practically got its own language.

Compared to games where you just pass the ball and put it in the basket or net, it’s like quantum physics to grade 5 math.

It is hardly played or even televised anywhere other than the US.

One would think that baseball, or even basketball’s final games (final four or world series) would be more popular, right?

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