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What would be the worst possible object to be stuck in a sink drain?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) October 31st, 2011

I have had my share of clogged sinks. My children have dropped everything imagineable into them. The very worst item ever to recover from a clogged sink for me, was a wine cork. Since it floats, it defied every possible cleaning product I used. Question: what has been your worst clogged sink nightmare? This question should be in Social, not Meta.

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Your cats head.
Yep, true story, read about someone whose cat got their head stuck in the garbage disposal gong after salmon bits. It took hours to remove the disposal and take the cat to the emergency vet to be sedated and have the mechanism removed from his head. Poor thing! lol

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Plaster of Paris.

Yep, among my many odd jobs was as a dental lab assistant. You had to be really darned careful when rinsing out the bowls used to mix up the plaster used for making models. It was quite easy for bits of undissolved powder to get washed down the sink but not flushed out enough to pass through the “P” trap. Result: one HECK of a clog!

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Barfed up food after heavy drinking. Really ick.

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Chicken innards plus artichoke remains plus gooey egg shells.

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your hand…. especially if you have a garbage disposal!

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One time a friend came by for a visit. He went to the bath then when he came out he came with dental floss in his hand. From a joke to another we went in the kitchen. He forgot to take it back to the bath. Then we started cooking something. One thing led to another and all the floss wen down in the sink .. we couldn’t get it out and it wasn’t flushing. Had to open the disposal to adjust the situation.

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Wedding/engagement rings.

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