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Can anyone tell me what dilutants do and how ?

Asked by arjen22 (40points) October 31st, 2011

I need to conduct an experiments with dilutants but I don’t know anything about it, can anyone tell me what about them can be investigated and how and what they do ?

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Hmm? Still having trouble with that chemistry assignment? Why not stop asking us and start doing your own research, or ask your teacher, or peek over the shoulder of another student, or
bloody drop the class.

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Look up diluants on the web.

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Yes, there are many excellent sources on the internet. Go to, choose your favorite charity and type dilutants into the search box. You will support your charity and find your answer – a win, win.

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@YARNLADY cool website. Great way for the questioner to get homework done and do good at the same time. I’ll bookmark it.

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