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How can I make potato leek soup more nutritious?

Asked by nikipedia (27454points) October 31st, 2011

My garden has been giving me a lot of leeks recently, which I’ve been turning into potato leek soup. It’s delicious, but has the nutritional content of mashed potatoes, more or less.

What can I add to the soup to make it more nutritious without overpowering the leek flavor?

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Vitamin pill half hour before? Everything I can think of is either overpowering as you mentioned, like Spinach, or not healthy like bacon (plus I think you are vegetarian?). Maybe just eat it with something nutritious like soup and Spinach salad? That sounds delicious to me right now.

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Slices of hard boiled egg white.

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Use vegetable stock for the liquid.

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Our version adds carrots. The flavors are very complementary, and they add some badly needed color.

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Corn would add a nice touch and color.

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Leave the potato skins on. You might get a browner soup, but it will be more nutritious.

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Maybe a little cauliflower?

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Add diced carrots, chopped center cut bacon, or peas at the end; top with parsley, celery leaves, or thyme; you can roast the potato skins crisp and put them on top; use home made stock; add chopped chanterelle mushrooms (fried separately – add in the last 10 minutes or so), to make up for a less pure leek taste you can also fry a little minced leek and sprinkle it on the top (careful about burning).

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I like @Adirondackwannabe‘s idea of adding cauliflower; I also think pureed broccoli would be good although it would change the soup obviously. Maybe just serve it with a big green salad and some wholegrain bread?

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I’m really liking this soup but now I’m famished.

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Add some turmeric or curry powder.

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Add some cheese or fresh raw spinach to the bowl before serving. You don’t need a lot.
Use it as a sauce over asparagus spears.
Serve it with acorn squash and use a half squash as the bowl.

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Oh Gosh, I have to leave for trick or treat right now. Be back later…

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I add lentils to everything to add flavor, texture, thicken or increase protein content. The little red ones practically dissolve when cooked. The brown ones or french ones (there are many different kinds) do not get as soft. All are good. I put them in tomato sauce for on pasta, I even made a shepherd’s pie with them instead of hamburger and it was excellent!

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@rooeytoo I add lentils to things too, but I find they add flavor to foods that are fairly bland. I put lentils in lieu of tuna or salmon in croquettes I make for a vegetarian option, the croquettes are mostly potato to begin with, and it definitely becomes a a lentil flavored croquette.

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Actually potatoes are nutritious anyway, full of vitamins and fiber. I second the idea of adding lentils though.

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@JLeslie – my taste buds are not so refined, but truthfully, the brown ones seem to have a distinct flavor but I really don’t notice too much with the little red ones.

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@rooeytoo I am going to try the red, I have not done that yet. Thanks for the tip.

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@Kardamom, you are a genius!!! Quiche sounds especially great.

Much thanks to all of you! Great suggestions.

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@nikipedia I couldn’t recall if you were a vegetarian, so I added some recipes for veg and non veg stuff.

I love leeks! And everyone loves saying cock a leekie : )

P.S. Trader Joe’s frozen pie crusts are da bomb! No need to spend your time making homemade crusts for your quiche unless you want to.

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