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''If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?''?

Asked by Written (825points) October 31st, 2011

A fantastic question asked by James Lipton, on his show Inside the Actors Studio, first used by his idol Bernard Pivot, also a interviewer.

I’m really curious what would you guys (and gals) like to head God say. :)

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And it would be.

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“I really like what you’ve been doing on earth, and I’m sending you back to do more!”

That would be so cool. And I wouldn’t have to die.

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“Hey, welcome aboard shonny, I assume he speaks with a little whistle in his voice, him being so old & all, you can take that splinter out your arse coz it’s all true!!”

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“Allieeeeee, come on dowwwwwwn!!” a la The Price is Right.

… or maybe that’s more appropriate for the devil. =/

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“Well, on balance, you’ve been more good than bad. You can come in and you can help cook. And sing in the choir.”

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You have been loved and you have done good things in the world for people.

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I really like the answer Conan O’Brian said: ’‘Conan, how did you do it? Like God is mistified… I know about everyone else, but you… Then we would high five each other and it would case a tsunami on Earth.’’

That aside, probably something like ’‘Sorry it didn’t last longer.’’ or ’‘The food is fantastic.’’

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He would say….“I am breaking the rules letting you in here and if you tell anyone here what you really did, I will send you downstairs so fast your head will spin”

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“Get out of here, you, you…., you silly you….., go back, have some more fun, and I will see you back here in…....,lets see…....., well…, because it’s you, not before 2061.”

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“Welcome back boss.”

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“Yeah…..You thought you were right, didn’t you? Don’t let it happen again…”

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“Please forgive Me.”

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I thought you’d never get here to relieve me—it seems like this shift has lasted forever!

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“Don’t worry, all dogs really do go to heaven! They’re right over there.”

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Someone has been waiting to see you.

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Don’t worry. It’s a lot cooler up here than you’ve heard.
We love our fans, but they’re not so good with public relations.

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@God Wrong place lady, you belong in Valhalla. Let me just fix that up for ya…

@Symbeline Thanks, God!

@God No problemo.

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removed by me

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Welcome. Please, have a seat. I know you have some questions and I know I have some explaining to do.

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“There’s a seat available at the open bar in the lounge, go right in!”

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“Allow me to explain…”

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