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What happens when you change the language on one of the microsoft pages?

Asked by flo (12974points) October 31st, 2011

Let’s say here
on United States on the right top, then, I clicked on Netherland (I don’t know Dutch, so it is not about that) and I got
Why? I was expecting the same page in Dutch language.

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This looks the same to me.

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@Jeruba I got mixed up in my editing.

I clicked on “United Staes” here
and I got this

Very strange, I thought I made an error, but no, it keeps changing a few seconds later. The “here” is supposed to be the English version like here
Huh??? It is the Enlish I am copy and pasting, but it is giving me the Dutch.
Let me see if the Dutch is going to be English, this
I don’t know…

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here should be an English Q&A about how to restore the Toolbar, but it is not it is in Dutch I did not do anything to make that happen.
Very strange.

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I couldn’t follow that, @flo, sorry. It’s possible that there’s an error in the link. But did you find what you were looking for one way or another?

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@Jeruba I wouldn’t have followed that either! It is the craziest thing. How can you cut and paste the url of a page and a few seconds later, when you click on the link, it becomes something else? It feels like the twighlight zone. I did it many times!! What do you mean |It’s possible that there’s an error in the link”?
When I go here
and I click on the 4th result (“The menu bar and the toolbar are missing in Internet Explorer on…”)
“I should get the English version of the page because the google result is in English, right?Why is it giving to me in Dutch?

I did find what I was looking for by the way, thank you, @Jeruba

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@flo LOL. I’m glad you found the information on restoring your toolbar, and even more glad that you found your way back home. I didn’t want to have to tell you that it looked like you were pretty much out of options and were probably going to have to learn Dutch. :-)

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@flo, I meant that I couldn’t follow your explanation.

As for the links—I have no idea whether an outfit like Microsoft has automated the creation of links among its pages, both within and across languages. When I link pages on my little website, I have to create the link myself either by pasting (or typing) the URL into a box or by invoking a certain process and then navigating to the relative location that I want to link to. If I do something wrong, I’ll build a link to an incorrect page (or to a nonexistent page). I have to test all the links after I save the page to be sure they go where I want them to. If someone creating pages for Microsoft made a mistake, you might see a result such as you saw here.

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@Jeruba I meant I couldn’t have followed my explanation if I were the one reading it, and not the one who wrote it.
I’m not clear about the rest of your post, but it sounds like I did something wrong.
I should have had the What do you mean |It’s possible that there’s an error in the link”? on another line.

@lillycoyote I don’t know what to make of it. I started off fresh opening a new tab for google typing the words over again, same thing. Went to a different computer completely unrelated to the other one, same thing.

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Does the page
mention F11 as one of the solutions?

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@flo I am not entirely sure what you are trying to accomplish or how on earth you managed to get yourself trapped in Dutch Microsoft Land and unable to get yourself out, but if you can’t manage to find your way out you might try sending the link to @Rebbel. He’s Dutch and would be able to translate the page for you.

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What I stumbled on is that after I went to that different page in US English, I left that page, and then after clicking on the link in flo’s last post, the original page had been translated to USE.

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“Does the page
mention F11 as one of the solutions?”

It doesn’t.

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@flo Indeed, as @lillycoyote stated, I am Dutch.
I am not sure what your question is, to be honest, but I can tell you:
1. If I click the Nederland button on the right top corner I get a menu where I can choose all countries/languages to change to.
After I clicked USA i got an English version of the Microsoft site (be it not the same page, translated, but more a general Microsoft site).
2. The Dutch site that you linked to is a Help and Support site and the first bit of text is about when the menu bar and the work bar are not showing (in Vista and/or XP).
Then, in thenext sentence with the word systeemtip it tells you that the article does not apply to/for your version of Windows, and it directs you to the Windows 7 help page.

I hope this is of help to you, so far.
If not, feel free to respond and ask me more.

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You’re all lucky if it doesn’t switch on you. I soon as I post the link of the English page it turns to the Dutch page or the main Help and Support page in Dutch.
At least @rebbel…be it not the same page, translated, but more a general Microsoft site).

The Help and Support site in Dutch, I see this:
Algemene problemen
Probleemoplossingen voor Internet Explorer, Windows en Office >
Problemen met product activering >
Virus en beveiliging gerelateerde problemen >
Problemen met zomer- en wintertijd (DST) oplossen >
Meer support hulpmiddelen
Los automatisch problemen op met Fix It >
Stel uw vraag op de Microsoft Answers Forums >
Volg MicrosoftHelpt op Twitter en Facebook >

Meer hulp nodig?
Neem contact op met een support professional van Microsoft

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Someone please tell me why the answer “F11” is not suggested in so many of the different sites dealing with this question? I haven’t seen any.

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@flo What exactly is it that you are trying to do? Are you trying to get your tool bar back? You asked a question about that earlier. If not, what are you wanting to do? It would really help to know that.

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I’m trying to find out why all those search results that I looked at don’t go:
“First try F11, and if it doesn’t work….. ”
It is not an urgent thing for me to know.

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